Q&A With Travis Clark from We The Kings

Swaying in his chair to “feel the interview,” Travis Clark from We The Kings discussed resurrecting Bob Marley and making a reggae Beatles album. The lead singer sat down with the University Press before headlining FAU Jupiter’s OWLStock, a free music festival for students put on by FAU’s Program Board. The band played to an audience of about a hundred students on Feb. 22, making it an intimate performance.

UP: Where are you from?

TC: I’m from Florida. I’m from Bradenton, Florida. It’s the other coast…I now live in LA so I live on the real west coast. I have the best of the west.

UP: You have In-N-Out Burger.

TC: We have In-N-Out Burger. Except I’m trying to do this whole vegetarian thing. It’s difficult…it’s been like 12 hours. I’m a horrible vegetarian.

UP: So you never have really left the realm of music?

TC: There’s so many incredibly talented musicians out there in the world that I feel like less of a musician when I meet these incredibly talented people. I want to be like them. It’s like be like Mike, but I want to be like the microphone.

UP: Speaking of talented musicians, if you could play with one [musician], alive or dead, who would it be?

TC: Chris Martin from Coldplay, alive. And George Harrison from the Beatles, dead. Or Bob Marley. Can I have two dead? They’re like collector cards…a reggae Beatles song would have been great.

UP: If you were to give a college musician some advice, what would you give them?

TC: Music is really tough for, I guess starving artists isn’t really the term any more, but young, aspiring artists because there is so much saturation with [the] Internet and Youtube and all these online music sites. It’s so easy to expose your music out there in the world, so all these fans that used to just listen to one band or two bands or three bands are now subjected to hundreds or even thousands of bands — the ADD generation of fans is kind of all over the place. So it makes it really hard for artists to break through. So what can you do that everybody else can’t. It ends up coming down, I believe, to the music. To the actual song.


Travis Clark of We The Kings banters with crowd at FAU OWLStock. Photo by Sabrina Martinez
Travis Clark of We The Kings banters with crowd at FAU OWLStock. Photo by Sabrina Martinez


Top 5 Quotes from Travis Clark During We The Kings’ Set at FAU OWLStock

1. “I like that you guys are slow dancing. You should make like a big slow dance and put the girl in the center. We’re in college, we can say things like that and it’s appropriate.”


2. “Are you guys doing yoga? I’m checking off a bunch of shit on my bucket list today: number one, college kids, who are like really chill, that I’m playing a rock show for…and then fucking yoga…I’ll let you guys continue because you’re both female…Now you guys stop.”


3. “If this continues I might just have to stage dive — ‘singer breaks neck at college fair.’”


4. “I’ve never been a part of a photobomb of my own show. That was incredible. These things don’t happen to me that often.”


5. “You guys are in for a treat because right after the show Chucky the Clown is coming out and he’s gonna make balloon animals for everybody. Get them quick because he runs out. He’s a very high demand profile character…I wanted to admit and let you know that he’s not coming out. I saw the excitement in a lot of peoples’ eyes.”


Photo courtesy of Jupiter Program Board
Photo courtesy of Jupiter Program Board