Basketball: Point guard Ray Taylor announces he will forgo season season

Rolando Rosa

After coming up short for the third postseason in a row, FAU point guard Ray Taylor has a new plan to turn things around.

He’s decided to go pro.

“It has been a great ride here at FAU,” Taylor announced in a press release. “But after talking it over with my family and Coach Jarvis, I have decided that it’s time to chase my childhood dreams of playing professional basketball.”

Taylor and Jarvis often clashed, as the coach repeatedly expressed frustration with the 5’6” point guard.

“Better, but still not good enough,” Jarvis said of Taylor’s play on Dec. 14 against Mississippi State, a game in which Taylor made SportCenter’s top 10 plays for an inbounds pass off the back of a defender. “He had two crucial turnovers. He played a very good game, but can play better.”

Taylor departs FAU with 425 assists, second only to departing senior Alex Tucker’s 538 assists.

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