Many flags, few people

Regina Kaza

Thousands of waves of red, white and blue filled the Boca campus’ Free Speech Lawn to commemorate 9/11’s 10th anniversary, but not many people showed up, according to project organizers.

The event, 9/11 Never Forget, had 2,977 flags representing each victim of the terrorist attacks, according to FAU College Republicans (FAUCR) president Ashley Anastasi.

She said it was a nationwide event organized by Young Americans for Freedom, a national conservative youth organization.

The event was from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We hope to make this a tradition at FAU and I believe it’s important to do something, even if it’s small.  We have planned this event since the summer,” Anastasi said.

The flags were planted by the FAU College Republicans at 5 a.m., said FAUCR secretary Jeff Arnold.

“There were about 20 people out here in the morning, but not much. We expected it to be like that. Well, at least I did.” said Arnold.

FAU placed an advertisement in the Sun Sentinel, while FAUCR members created an event on Facebook, and posted flyers around campus. According to Arnold, “Little old ladies called me every five minutes asking ‘Is this the number I have to call about 9/11?’”

President Saunders stopped by in the afternoon to express her sympathy. “Can you believe these all represent bodies?”

FAUCR members reflected on their memories of 9/11 as well. “The whole day everyone was stunned. My brother worked up in New York and I couldn’t get ahold of him. He was about ten blocks away,” said club member Eric Goodman.

FAUCR member Rhonda Asarsh gave her take on the small turnout. “The younger generation doesn’t quite understand the impact, so they’re not going to sacrifice their personal time to come out unless it had a personal attachment to them.”