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Gays and guns

Lips – Drag queens in Fort Lauderdale are as good as the real thing

Beneath a series of disco balls, four beautiful men in sexy dresses, known as the Sisters in Sequins, perform for their weekly Sunday gospel brunch. 
“On Sunday afternoons we cross-dress for Christ,” says host Nicolet. 

For one hour, the audience, ranging from 12 years old to 80, sits mesmerized by the men as they each lip-sync popular songs. Often, the crowd, which may include a family of three or a party of a dozen or more men, will sing along. 
“Lips is gay-friendly, but it’s not a gay restaurant,” explains Nicolet.

The performance begins as soon as guests are seated with their unlimited refills of champagne, mimosas and Bloody Marys. 
“If you can’t take your hair down, take it off!” says a waitress named Velvet in regards to the amount of alcohol served.

Lips of Fort Lauderdale is the third and newest Lips restaurant after New York City and San Diego. Open since 2007, a welcoming atmosphere of old and new friends enjoy the drag shows seven days and nights a week. Aug. 2 marked Whitney Houston’s comeback, with Deja Debonair lip-syncing to the song “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” off of Houston’s new album.

In between the queens’  sets, the host walks through and talks with the dining crowd. She offers advice as well. Noah, a 12-year-old patron, received a lot of attention and received some guidance that can apply to FAU students.
“We have youngsters in the house. I went to school; the best seven years of my life. But I didn’t get my degree. Unless you want this for your future [gesturing toward herself and around the restaurant], get your degree,” Nicolet advises.


Xtreme indoor karting – Race your friends until your arms shake

At the only indoor race track in Florida, guests could be racing against Vanilla Ice, Shaq or Miami Ink. According to pit crew member Becca Leroy, “Vanilla Ice is here all the time.”

The rapper is a member of Xtreme Indoor Karting and often races European Bowman race carts at 45 mph around the half-mile track. Although race times seem relatively short, the most popular times are eight- and 12-minute sessions.

For the price of $19.50, “Eight minutes is so much longer than you think at 45 mph,” according to Leroy.

Eight minutes of race time is about 15 laps around their course, and the most laps that anyone has been able to complete in one session is between 200 and 250. Leroy points out that they sponsor professional racers who come in frequently to maintain their endurance and skills.

Victor Sturdze, a regular customer, after racing for 15 laps said, “It’s perfect. I love it.” It was his fourth or fifth time for the day, he said.

College students with their college I.D. can compete in two races for the price of one with Xtreme’s two-for-one college special on Wednesday nights.


Ballers Rock ‘n’ Roll Sports Bar – Oil wrestling at its best

Ballers, a sports bar in Hallandale, holds big UFC nights. When there isn’t a fight on TV, the women who work at Ballers will lube up with Canola oil and wrestle by the bar’s stage. 

On a regular night, the female bartenders use the stripper poles in between drink orders to dance if the music moves them. 

Courtney, who was a bartender at Coyote Ugly (a famous bar originally in New York City), jumps up from behind the bar and spins around a pole when Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” comes on over the speaker system. Afterward she happily gives a quick pole-dancing lesson to a customer during an acoustic version of the rap song “Lollipop.” 
“The poles are well-used. I disinfect them in the morning,” says Madd Matt, who promotes and organizes the bar’s events. 

The biker-friendly sports bar has a diverse crowd, although Madd Matt would like to see more students come in. Every Thursday night is a “ladies drink free” night. 
“Bring the guys; we have the girls. Thursdays they drink free,” he says. 

Ballers has a 23-hour liquor license, meaning they can serve alcohol for 23 hours out of the day. It is the before- and after-party.


Delray Shooting Center – Relieve stress and pop off a few rounds

FAU students can safely shoot an M-16 without joining the armed services. At the local gun range in Delray Beach, students, if they have shot before or are with someone who has, can rent a fully automatic handgun or an M-16 and enjoy a little target practice.  

However, the range does require and holds classes for people who haven’t shot before.
“It’s the real experience of Call of Duty 4,” says employee Mike Caruso, referring to the popular video game.   

But aside from the fun of taking aim at a target with a picture of Osama bin Laden on it, “People come here to learn how to shoot,” says Caruso. “It’s a great challenge.” 

Scott Bowen, an employee, shows off a Bushmaster AR-15, seen most famously in the hands of the G.I. Joe action figures. Although they don’t rent out AR-15s, they do have 15 shooting stalls for pistols and two for rifles.  

Students should spend some time shooting a police-issued Glock 9 mm because “[Shooting] relieves stress,” says Caruso.  

That beats going to boot camp to relax.

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    Victor SturdzeApr 29, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Please remove my name out of this website as I never allowed anyone to use it, and neither remember saying that I love that Go Kart race!!! this is not true as I was never asked about! I remember going there, but never said anything about the races.

    Please remove my name ASAP!!!

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