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Justin Kredible has tricks up his sleeve

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The lights dim and a hush falls over the crowd. A man pulls a dish out of the oven containing a cake decorated like a playing card. Rachael Ray catches her breath and after a moment, she finally finds her voice.

“Three of clubs! Amazing!” she cries in awe. “Justin Kredible, everybody!”

Justin Kredible is a different kind of magician and he’s coming to FAU. This card-guessing comedian takes an unconventional approach to magic, incorporating his degree in broadcast journalism and his outgoing personality into his tricks.

“College audiences are by far my favorite crowds,” says the magician. “I like to keep my show really loose, topical and edgy, and students really dig that vibe.”

Kredible, who describes himself as “like a magician but cooler,” is coming to FAU’s Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium in the Boca campus Student Union. The show starts at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 9.

Alicia Keating, the assistant director of Student Development and Activities, organized the event. She is very excited to bring Justin Kredible here because Campus Activities Magazine has named him the Entertainer of the Year for the past three years.

“This is quite an honor in the student activities world,” Keating says.

Keating hopes the event will bring 300-500 students, but she’s not too worried about reaching this goal.

“Some people really enjoy comedy shows,” she says. “Our goal is to provide programming to bring the campus community together and we try lots of different things to make that happen.”

Kredible is willing to try lots of different things for FAU’s student crowd, including releasing a live dove from a closed book and showing off a spontaneously-combustible wallet.

“I’m changing my show constantly to suit the crowd,” he says. “Let’s just say
that the jokes I’ll tell on Thursday night might get me kicked out of Schmulie’s bar mitzvah.”

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