Rusty Smith

Rusty Smith and Sean Clayton are engaged in a quarterback battle for the second straight season. Last season, the offense moved better through the air with Smith at the helm, as he averaged over 100 passing yards per game, compared to 84 by Clayton. This season, Smith looks to take the starting job as his own, for good. The junior QB sat down to answer a few questions during spring practice.

Jim Rutledge: Hey Rusty, how’s practice going?

Rusty Smith: Going well. I don’t know if you just saw, but I busted out a 40 yard run. I looked like Allen Iverson out there, you know he was a pretty good QB in high school.

JR: True, you don’t share the same ideas about practice, do you?

RS: Nah, I love practice. Where else do I get to bust out big runs?

JR: Speaking of running, you think you’ll need to do more of that this year with Nello Faulk gone?

RS: Of course we are going to miss him, but we got some guys who can take his place; I’m not too worried.

JR: You have a big game coming up this season in Gainesville against the defending National Champion Gators. You guys going to win?

RS: Yeah we’re going to win! I mean all their guys left, so they’re young just like us. Tim Teabow is a young QB just like me; all he did last year was run the ball, so I think we can beat them.

JR: You have a lot of confidence in your team.

RS: Heck yeah, we can be just as good as Florida. I grew up a big Gators fan, but I’m an Owl for life now, and I think we can be better than UF.