July Police Blotter

Compiled by FAU Police

7/19/20072:25 a.m.—Student Apartments, Disturbance – Police responded to a call about an intoxicated student. Back to school tip: Keep it in the apartment or off campus.6:59 p.m.—Heritage Park Towers, Battery – A roommate altercation ended in an arrest. Back to school tip: You may not get along with your roommate, but run after you knock them out.

7/20/20078:55 a.m.—University Center, Criminal Mischief – A window was broken with a fountain stone. Back to school tip: Don’t throw rocks.11:12 a.m.—Lot 23, Criminal Mischief – A student’s car was vandalized. Back to school tip: Don’t double park across three handicap spots.

7/21/200712:19 p.m.—Innovations Center, Alarm – An alarm was set off by an unsecured door. Back to school tip: Don’t check to see if doors are locked or not.7/23/20078:14 a.m.—Research Park, Fraud – Bank Fraud in Research Park. Back to school tip: Bank fraud, no matter how exciting, isn’t cool.8:21 a.m.—Davie Campus, Burglary – a saw was stolen from a construction site. Back to school tip: A construction site is a great place to find trouble.9:26 a.m.—Recreational Area, Suspicious Occurrence – the pole vault mats were moved. Back to school tip: If you take a girl on a cheap date to the Rec. fields move the mats back after you soil them.10:53 a.m.—Arts & Humanities, Assault – Relationship Disturbance. Back to school tip: Don’t assault your significant other.6:01 p.m.—PBCC Lot 40, Burglary – A car was broken into. Back to school tip: Keep valuables like Ipods, Bongs and baggies hidden.

7/24/20078:43 a.m.—Garage 1, Auto Crash – A vehicle backed into another. Back to school tip: Invest in coffee to ensure alertness on morning commute.1:55 p.m.- Computing Service- Suspicious Occurrence- Suspicious information found. Back to school tip: Don’t look at porn or send death threats from University computers.2:22 p.m.—Innovations Center, Alarm – False intrusion alarm. Back to school tip: The Innovations Center has a really sensitive alarm.

7/25/20071:44 p.m.—MacArthur Campus, Burglary – Theft of a Laptop. Back to school tip: Don’t leave your valuables unattended, they will be stolen.4:10 p.m.—PBCC lot 40, Disturbance – There was a verbal argument between co-workers. Back to school tip: Co-workers are usually assholes.7/26/20072:34 p.m.—Arts & Humanities, Fraud – Credit card fraud. Back to school tip: Use your stolen credit cards at the Town Center Mall.3:49 p.m.—Memory & Wellness Center, Burglary – A credit card and drivers license was stolen. Back to school tip: Those to things in combination can be very damaging to a credit report.

7/27/200712:27 a.m.—MacArthur Campus, Assist other Department – There was a disabled bus with passengers. Back to school tip: The bus in the middle of the night is apparently a good place to hang out.8:41 a.m.—Life Long Learning Center, Trespassing – Homeless man trespassed. Back to school tip: Sleep in 24-hour study lounges; stay away from the Life Long Learning Center.11:04 a.m.—Boca Raton Campus, Trespass – Student Trespassed. Back to school tip: Although signs that say “no entry” or “authorized personal only” are alluring, take their advice.

7/30/20076:49 a.m.—Gym, Burglary – A gym door was found open. Back to school tip: Close the door after you break in. 9:43 a.m.—Schmidt Biomedical, Disturbance – Discrepancy regarding research freezer. Back to school tip: Be sure to carefully note which freezer is for lunch and which is for cadavers.2:32 p.m.—Hunderson School, Theft – $400 stolen from a teacher’s desk. Back to school tip: Don’t leave $400 in your desk.