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Student Frenzy at Potter Premier

“Exciting, fun and just a little scary,” is how FAU Junior Samantha Kessler summed up the premier of The Order of The Phenix at muvico.

When asked why she thought the expericne was scary she replied “As the previews began rolling, there were technical difficulties. The reel stopped and the lights went on. Everyone in the audience stopped breathing for just a second at the thought of not being able to see the movie, and then they all began to boo loudly. Muvico got their act together, and just barely avoided a riot. I didn’t want to be trapped with hundreds of angry potter fans.”

If you walked into the Muvico Palace 20 at 11:00 pm on July 10th, you would think you were bounced right into a sold out concert. Four theaters packed with people a full hour before the Harry Potter movie was even set to play.

If you weren’t in the entrance line by 10:30, you were sure to get a seat in the ultimate nose bleed section.

Jenna Nicholson a freshman majoring in business practically lost it at the box office when there was a slight problem with her ticket reservations. There was some screaming but eventually Nicholson began to relax. “I’ve seen all the movies” said Nicholson “I’m very excited about this movie.”

Kim Eisner, FAU alumni was also excited about the movie “Each installment knocks the previous ones out of the water- the fact that the dark parts are prevalent now make the series much more amazing and edgy. It has moved away from entertaining children to just flat out amazing audiences.”

Although the frenzy of people swarming the theature may seem to be intimatading, most people didn’t have any trouble getting tixkets. Scott Roepnack an FAU junior majoring in computer science “I didnt have trouble getting tickets, I bought them via fandango about a week ago.”

After the movie Roepnack was very pleased “I think without a doubt it was the best Harry Potter movie thus far, David Yates did a great job of bringing so many elements from the books to the movies and portrayed them extremely well.”

Courage and bravery seemed to pay off, Kessler admitted “I’m glad I didn’t miss this, it was a really great movie.”

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