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The World Erotic Art Museum

South Beach is best known for some of the trendiest night spots in the country. Situated right in the middle of these night clubs and bars, down the street from Mansion Nightclub, is a museum that is sure to excite visitors like no other.

The World Erotic Art Museum is the creation of Naomi Wilzig, an antiques collector who became intrigued by erotica as an art form. The museum features thousands of pieces, making it the largest public display of art erotica ever assembled for a museum. Among the collected pieces are sculptures, paintings, photography and tapestries from every corner of the world.

The journey through the museum begins with mythological erotic art; most of the pieces in this first section of the exhibit feature depictions of Adam and Eve. Though it is quite clear that the subjects are, in fact, Adam and Eve, the situations they are shown in are definitely not what was taught in Sunday school.

The museum also devotes an entire room to erotic art featuring Lady Godiva. On display here are figurines, pictures and tins from Godiva chocolates, all of which showcase Lady Godiva’s infamous horseback ride. The most shocking piece in this room is the replicated chair that was allegedly owned by Catherine the Great, empress of Russia. The chair features men and women, and their genitalia, in positions that are usually viewed on after-hours Skinemax movies.

Each of the museum’s rooms are themed to include erotic art from countries such as Thailand, China, Japan and India. Other rooms are themed to include gay, surrealism and fetish erotic art pieces. The corridor walls are practically hidden by the museum’s extraordinary collection of erotic paintings and photographs. One such wall hanging presents Disney characters performing very un-Disney-like behaviors.

The most fascinating piece of the museum is a four-poster bed, carved entirely from wood. The four posts are phalluses and each boasts depictions from a book of Tantra. This is undoubtedly a sight to be seen.

While there are a handful of pieces that are more tastefully done, most of the art on display is rather graphic so in order to visit the museum, guests must be at least 18 years of age.

More information about the World Erotic Art Museum (1205 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139) can be found on their website, www.weam.com, or by calling 305-532-9336.

Distance from FAU’s Boca Campus to World Erotic Art Museum: 49.32 miles, 55 min. driving time

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