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Life After Graduation is a ‘Major’ Decision

As early as elementary school, students are asked what they want to do when they get older. This life changing decision can hinder or guide a child throughout the rest of their education. Some students are afraid to act on their skills and talents or may not reach their full potential while others might need a hand to guide them to success.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a professional organization of college career counselors and entry-level employers, only 40 percent of students keep on track with their original major. The other 60 percent have changed their majors at least one time.

Jelson Fontes, a 2005 FAU graduate, majored in electrical engineering and minored in power engineering. He currently works as an advisor for the electrical systems department of Sonangol, an oil company from Angola. Fontes says, “Right now I am pursuing my master’s degree at FIU, which I should complete in December.”

Fontes believes that through his engineering career goals, he will be able to stop global warming. “I aim to help by introducing different power sources,” Fontes says. “Remember, everything we have or know today will mean nothing if future generations don’t have a healthy world to live in.”

FAU senior Monika Grabowiecka, who is double majoring in communications and arts and humanities, has changed her major several times. Grabowiecka says, “My original plan was to graduate with a degree in multimedia journalism over four years, but I switched that major several times with sociology.”

Grabowiecka came to FAU with a track scholarship and a student visa from Canada. She has recently decided to stay another year at FAU so that she can “red shirt” for the track team and continue her education. “I have always had a huge appreciation for the arts, TV/film studies and dealing with PR/marketing, so I feel that I will be very satisfied with my degrees once I’m done,” Grabowiecka says.

However, as a foreign student, job opportunities have been tough to find for Grabowiecka. “Because I am here on a student visa and scholarship, I am forced to work internships, which I am currently applying for.”

FAU sophomore Delon Sampaio is majoring in computer science, a major which encompasses his two favorite hobbies: building and working on computers. Sampaio is centered on having a successful career with computers and says, “Right now, I work as a Hewlett-Packard representative for a marketing company. I market to several stores and sell HP products.”

As Sampaio continues his marketing routine, he plans to filter through FAU’s Graduate School, which will hopefully help him get recruited by a corporation.

“I would like to freelance or work for several companies after graduation, but starting my own business is another option,” Sampaio says. “My future plans are to start a family and to make money, of course.”

Rachel Goldberg is completing her second term at FAU while finishing high school at Florida Atlantic High School. The FAHS program allows her to take one college class per semester plus all of her regular high school classes in order to gain college credit.

After graduating from high school, Goldberg hopes to major in political science and English and later pursue a law degree. “I will probably graduate in 2012 and then I will, hopefully, get into law school,” Goldberg says. “But right now I am a special needs counselor at a summer camp.”

Some students seem to be on a one-way track to their future while others remain undaunted by what will come after graduation. Whatever the case may be, though, it is apparent that, regardless of your major, success is only attainable through a college education.

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