Why I voted for Kirk Murray

Why I voted for Kirk Murray

Submitted by Christopher Torres

To those who may or may not have remembered, a couple of months ago I wrote a letter to the University Press editor as a Senator exposing corruption in the Boca Raton Student Senate. In that editorial, I went on to lend my support towards Tony Teixeira, the gentleman who lost in the recent presidential runoff election, and Dan Wilson, the now-impeached student body president.

I was wrong. The only thing corrupt in that publication was my perspective. Rationality was completely absent in my method of thinking. I regret submitting that piece with such little personal investigation and premature notions. Sincerest apologies go out to those I had wrongfully profiled.

In an unexpected turn of events, I supported, campaigned, and voted for Kirk Murray, Tony Teixeira’s political opponent, in the current presidential runoff election held on July 27 and July 28. It was a difficult choice to make, having been one of Teixeira’s strongest supporters to becoming one of Murray’s most active voices at FAU’s northern campuses. Clichí© as it may sound, I had to cast my personal emotions aside and vote in the best interest of the Treasure Coast Campus from where I hail.

As a student government representative and officer, one must do what is best for the common good. There are no easy decisions in student government. Each choice yields both positive and negative repercussions. As in life, one must make sacrifices and compromises to do what is best for themselves and others. I did just that. Mr. Teixeira was a personal friend of mine – a good one to say the least. But I saw unmistakable qualities in Mr. Murray which would benefit my respective campus: dedication, experience, resourcefulness, passion, direction, and most importantly, leadership. Kirk has a good head on his shoulders, better than most.

Of all the campuses in Florida Atlantic University, the Treasure Coast Campus receives the least funding, fewest resources, but the most needs. Anyone who has visited the Port Saint Lucie outpost can bear witness. Mr. Murray represents possibilities and guidance for us. He is committed to providing Treasure Coast students the most opportunities to succeed in the long run, and I, too, wish to give Treasure Coast students the most out of their FAU education. That is just the sort of leader Kirk is. He wants what is best for FAU students, not just Treasure Coast students. And I found his conviction inspiring. Rare is it to find a gentleman with such prioritized values. I truly believe he will make a genuine positive difference for my campus and all of Florida Atlantic University. That is why I voted for Kirk Murray.