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Election update: Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Below is a memorandum that was sent by Student Body President AlviraKhan.The University Press is simply publishing this statement. We have not made any changes to the document.


TO: Max Leynov, Student Court Chief Justice

FROM: Alvira Khan, Student Body President

CC: Emmanuel Newsome, Vice President of StudentAffairs

Leslie Bates, Dean of Student Affairs

SUBJECT: 2005 SGA Elections

DATE: Monday, March 21, 2005

In light of the upcoming 2005 Student Government Association elections and the need to get a number of objectives and tasks accomplished as well as to ensure that efficiency, and effectiveness of the election is maintained, I am rendering an Election Contingency Plan that will take effect immediately, pursuant to Article V, Section 3, letter C:

C. May effect, during an emergency, any action deemed necessary for the welfare of the Student Body, which is not contrary to this Constitution or University Policies.

* Election website: The election website will be designed by the Director of Technology for the Boca Raton Student Government: Mr. Shea Silverman and it will be posted as soon as possible. Please check the SGA website http://www.sga.fau.edu/> for updates. All inquiries for SGA 2005 Elections will be sent to [email protected] which will be facilitated by the Chief Justice or call 561-756-3646.

* Timeline & Advertisement: The Timeline of Elections and all other pertinent information regarding the election will be advertised and posted online. The Director of Marketing for the University-Wide Council will insure that appropriate advertisement measures are put in place, prior to the Declaration of Candidacy period.

* Supervisor of Elections: Due to an emergency, the Supervisor of Elections (Ms. Poojitha Somareddy) has had to leave the country and will not return until Thursday, March 31, 2005. I am therefore deeming that the Student Court Chief Justice take on the responsibilities of the Supervisor of Elections until Ms. Somareddy returns.

* Election Commission: The Associate Justices of the Student Court will take on the responsibilities of the Election Commissioners, until the Election Commissioners are approved.

* Associate Justices & Declaration: The role of the Associate Justices will be to station themselves at their respective campuses (the Chief Justice will be stationed in Broward as there is currently, no justice for that campus grouping) and collect the candidacy forms for the 2005 StudentGovernment Association election. I have also requested Mr. Silverman to put in place an online page so candidates can have the option of submitting their Declaration of Candidacy forms online. Please check the SGA website ( www.sga.fau.edu) for updates.

* Approval of Election Commission: The Chief Justice will interview commissioners and bring forth qualified candidates to the UWC for approval. Once commissioners are approved, there will no longer be a need for the Associate Justices to take on responsibilities of the Election Commission, however, in the continued absence of the Supervisor of Elections, the Chief Justice will coordinate, and inform the Commissioners as to what their responsibilities and duties are.

* Declaring Candidacy: The three ways of submitting declaration of candidacy forms are as follows:

1.) Fax with appropriate signature (please check the election website for the appropriate fax number).

2.) To submit online, a candidate can only fill out the document and attach it through their FAU email (ex. [email protected]). They must email the candidacy form to [email protected] By submitting this form through a candidate’s FAU email, the candidate is confirming their identity and agreeing to the contractual obligation of the paperwork submitted.

3.) The candidacy form can be hand delivered to an Election Commissioner or Associate Justice. They will be stationed at the Student Government office on each campus and their hours will be posted online on the election website for the days of Declaration of Candidacy at www.sga.fau.edu/elections.

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