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Put and About with MacArthur clubs

The MacArthur campus at FAU has more than 30 clubs, each covering a variety of interests that appealto college students. But even in this small campus, clubs have difficulty becoming visible.

The following clubs are just a few of the active organizations on the MacArthur campus. Students are encouraged to contact the clubs to find out more information about their activities and about how to become involved. To ensure accurate reporting, clubs wishing to publish information about upcoming events need to contact the University Press editor for the Northern Campuses, Nicole Lawrie ([email protected]), at least two weeks prior to the date of their event.

All clubs are encouraged to respond, regardless of whether they are officially sanctioned by Student Government, as long as they offer something to campus life.

Animaniacs: The Anime ClubCONTACT: [email protected] President: Rachel ZechVice President: Long Ho

Besides being “a club for people who are enthusiastic about Japanese animation,” as vice-president Long Ho called it, The Anime Club is also the scene for many discussions relating the cartoons to Japanese culture. “We’re actively watching anime,” said president Rachel Zech, and the club devotes one night of the week to watching two film titles.

Black Student Union (BSU)CONTACT: [email protected]: Angela CarterVice President: Sarah Marajh

The self-proclaimed “Soul of FAU,” the Black Student Union is “a club celebrating international black America,” said president Angela Carter. “BSU is not a club just for black students, but one that extends toall students on this campus. This club highlights howthe black culture affects other cultures.” BSU’s events include presentations by black speakers as well as the annual Coffee House held at the local Abacoa Barnie’s, which features poetry, singing, anda live band.

Culture ClubCONTACT: [email protected]: Tito Sempertegui

“The Culture Club is mainly for international diversity on campus and to support international students on campus,” said president Tito Sempertegui. A new club, the Culture Club’s upcoming events include art exhibitions, coordinated activities with the Boca Campus’s Disciples of Nations club, and soccer games.

Mad ScientistsCONTACT: [email protected] President (PhD): Morgan CableVice President (Igor): Josh Tabor

“Basically, we’re a club to help promote science in general and what you can accomplish through it,” says Josh Tabor, preferring the title “Igor” over “Vice President,” similar to president Morgan Cable preferring “PhD.” The Mad Scientists inspire children to take an interest in science by giving presentations at local schools and judging science fair projects. They will be holding a model rocket launchcompetition, and discussions on all scientific fields.

Math ClubCONTACT: [email protected] President: Cass Petrus Vice-President: Atalia Lapkin

“People should join because they like math,” said President Cass Petrus. The club pays for nearly all of their own activities through car washes and other fundraisers in order to attend yearly math conferences.

Newman ClubCONTACT: [email protected] President: Sarah BourgetVice President: Tito Sempertegui

With a focus on the Catholic faith, president Sarah Bourget nonetheless notes, “The Newman Club is open to everyone, not just to Catholics or Christians. We have coordinated a number of different kinds of events, ranging from the funand entertaining to the spiritually/emotionally fulfilling,” she says, including movie nights showing The Passion of the Christ and The Shawshank Redemption, a trip to Orlando’s Holy Land theme park, and a trip to an exhibition of Vatican artwork.

Russian AquariumCONTACT: [email protected]: Valentine SobirovVice-President: Dan Gopman

In its first year, and with a very odd name, the Russian Aquarium inspires interest in the culture andhistory of Russia. Says President Valentine Sobirov, “Come join the Russian Aquarium for the wildest collectivization events.”

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