Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Get involved: a list of FAU’s clubs

ACCOUNTING STUDENTS ASSOCIATION [email protected]: Dr. Alan Friedberg, 297-3647, BE #150

ACOLYTE [email protected]: Dr. Debra Lacey, 954/236-5037, Tower Campus – BC-5, 1008

ADULT STUDENT ASSOCIATIONwww.fau.edu/student/counsel/[email protected]: Karen Kasmer, 297-3540, AD 373

AMATEUR RADIO CLUB [email protected]: Hank VanSant, 297-3416, SE 346

AMBASSADORSwww.fau.edu/alumni/[email protected]: Joann Gearhart, 297-1053, AD 297

AMERICAN CHORAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION [email protected]: Patricia Fleitas, 297-3823, UL 245

AMERICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATORS[email protected]: Dr. Dennis Palkon, 297-3208, BE 216E

AMERICAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE ASSOCIATION[email protected]: Richard Mongan, 297-2878, S0 374

AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATIONhttp://www.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Robert Ciraldo, 297-2397, FL 166E

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERShttp://sga.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Dr. Shobhan, 297-3473, EG 221


AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGwww.me.fau.edu/~asme/[email protected]: Ming Huang, 297-3984, EG 223

ANIMEhttp://[email protected]: Aditya Burkule, 239-4045 or 292-1001, CM 101A

ANNOINTED VISION [email protected]: Stacey Eden, 561/799-8509, Jupiter Student Services RM 132

ANTHROPOLOGY GRADUATE STUDENT UNION[email protected] Advisor: Doug Broadfield, 297-2256, SO 170

APARTMENT COMMUNITY COUNCIL[email protected]: Max Schriefer, 297-5029, SH 215

APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN COLLEGE FELLOWSHIPwww.hometown.aol.com/accffau/[email protected] Advisor: Carlene Watson, 297-1061, SE 250

ART IN ANIMATIONhttp://groups.yahoo.com/groups.fauaac/[email protected]: JoAnn Patel, 954/762-5131, Tower Campus BC-4, 925

ASIAN STUDENT UNION [email protected]: Dr. Randy Brooks, 297-3888, BS 268

ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY[email protected]: Thomas Fernandez, 297-3927, SE 352

ASSOCIATION OF LATIN AMERICAN STUDENTS[email protected]: Terry Mena, 954/236-1001, Davie BC-49. 117

BAHAMIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATON [email protected] Advisor: Ingrid Jones, 297-3049, SO 301

BAND ASSOCIATION (CLUB) [email protected] Advisor: Ray Donato, 297-3433, AL 228

BAPTIST COLLEGIATE MINISTRIESwww.geocities.com/[email protected] or [email protected] Advisor: Mark Jackson, 297-2612, PS 311

BLACK STUDENT UNION [email protected] Advisor: Keva Anderson-Konsker, 297-3963, AC 261

BUMP, SET, SPIKEAdvisor: William Pearson, 297-3795, FH

BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL WOMEN SCHOLARSHIP[email protected]: Maximilian Schriefer, 297-5029, SH 215

CAMPUS ADVENT[email protected] Advisor: Michael Chambers, 297-3959, SS 224

CAMPUS CHRISTIANS[email protected]: Mark Peterson, 297-3669, BE 160

CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST [email protected] Advisor: Mark Jackson, 297-2612, PS 230

CARIBBEAN COUNCIL[email protected]: Ingrid Jones, 297-3079, SO 301

CARIBBEAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION www.geocities.com/[email protected] Advisor: Glen Campbell, 297-2690, Bldg 22 RM 122

CATCH THE FIRE MINISTRIES [email protected]: James Watson, 297-3536, SS 222


CHAMBER SINGERS [email protected]: Dr. Patricia Fleitas, 297-3823, HU 245

CHEER CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Jessie Casteneda, 297-1051, Gym RM 104

CHESS CLUB [email protected]: Bill McLean, 297-2236, RP1 261

CHI ALPHA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP www.fau.edu/[email protected]: Kevin Slack, 297-1104, ADM 118

FAU CHORAL ORGANIZATION [email protected]: Patricia Fleitas, 297-3823, HU 245

CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL[email protected] Advisor: Keva Anderson-Konsker, 297-0132, FH 025

CLIMBING CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Rosemary Dunbar, 297-3615, SS 206

COALITION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF STUDENTS IN THEATRE (CAST)[email protected] Advisor: Paul M. Sargent, 297-2975, AH 114

COASTLINES LITERARY MAGAZINE [email protected]: Papatya Bucak, 297-2553, SO 313

COLLEGE DEMOCRATS [email protected]: Robin Fiore, 297-3869, AH 110

COLLEGE REPUBLICANS [email protected]: Agnes Santore, 297-3988, SU215

COLLEGIATE MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE (CMENC)[email protected]: Stacie Rosson, 297-4230, UL 115

CUONG NHU KARATE[email protected] Advisor: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, Field House

DISCIPLES OF NATIONS[email protected]: Ingrid Jones, 297-3049, SO 301

DIVE CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Michael Brady, 297-3281, ED 412

ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL [email protected] Advisor: Patricia Majewski, 297-2049, EG 231

ENGLISH GRADUATE STUDENT SOCIETY www.english.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Andrew Furman, 297-3831, AH 115

ENTREPRENEUR’S UNITED[email protected]: Dawn Smith, 297-1029, LY 157

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS ORGANIZATION OF STUDENTS (ECOS)[email protected]: Jeanette Wyneken, 297-0146, SC 266

EUROPEAN STUDENT ASSOCIATIONwww.geocities.com/fauesa/ [email protected]: Mary Toland Burgoyne, 297-2559, SS 80 Ste 214 FAUND CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP [email protected] or [email protected]: Mark Jackson, 297-2612, PS 311

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES [email protected]: Elise Angiolillo, 297-2500, UT 136

FENCING CLUB www.cse.fau.edu/~ahaley/[email protected]: Patty Stefanovic, 297-1191, SO 173

FILIPINO STUDENT ASSOCIATION [email protected] or [email protected] Advisor: Marc Rhorer, 297-2545, FL 114

FILM PRODUCTIONS[email protected]: Mike Budd, 297-3856, GS 244

FISHING CLUB [email protected]: Shannon Cash, 297-2149, T9 103

FLORIDA ATLANTIC COMPARATIVE STUDIES (FACS) www.language.fau.edu/flmc/facs/[email protected] Advisor: Marcella Munson, 297-2118, AH 118

FLORIDA FUTURE EDUCATORS OF AMERICA [email protected]: Robin Tinsley, 297-3570, ED 230

FLY GIRLS OF FAU [email protected]: Christine Asher, 297-2395, UC 215

FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL [email protected]: Philip Pina, 297-3340, SE 284

FOREIGN AFFAIRS STUDENT ORGANIZATION [email protected]: Dr. Walid Phares, 297-3215, SO 384

GEO CLUB www.geogeolfau.edu [email protected]: Dr. Anton Oleinik, 297-3297, PS 336

GOLDEN KEY NATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY [email protected] Advisor: Mikki Minney, 297-3064, SU 201

GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION www.fau.edu/academic/gradstud/[email protected]: Stephen Todish, 297-3028, SU 101

HELLENIC STUDENTS ASSOCIATION[email protected]: Konstantinos Nikoloutos, 297-0497, AL 147

HILLEL[email protected]: Brett Klein. SU 130

HINDU STUDENTS COUNCIL [email protected] Advisor: Dr. P. S. Neelakanta, 297-3469, SE 462.

HOOT RECORDINGS www.fau.edu/hoot [email protected]: Scott Wayne, 297-3967, AH 109

HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION[email protected]: Dr. Walid Phares, 297-3215, SO 384-I

ICE HOCKEY CLUB[email protected]: Brian O’Hara, 297-3597, AC 261a

ILLAMTIC [email protected]: Cathy Webb, 297-3734, UC 202

INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS (IEEE)www.fau/ieee [email protected]: Dr. Raviv, 297-2773, SE 472

INTELLECTUAL AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (IDA) [email protected]: Hari Kalva, 297-0511, SE 422

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Chris Persand, 297-2005, CM 172

INTRIGUE [email protected]: Catherine Webb, 297-3734, UC 202

INVESTMENT CLUB [email protected] or [email protected] Advisor: Joel Harper, 297-3493, BE 129

ITF TAE KWON DO [email protected]: Wenying Xu, 297-2065, AH 119

JAMAICAN ASSOCIATIONwww.sga.fau.edu/ja [email protected] Advisor: Dianne Campbell, 297-3049, SO 301

JAZZ CLUB [email protected]: Tim Walters, 297-3824, AH 113

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES [email protected]: Daniel Gomez, 297-2347, SE 330

JUDO CLUB [email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, Field House

KONBIT KREYOL [email protected]: Michael Chambers, 297-3959, SS 224

LADIES OF VIRTUE AND ELEGANCE (LOVE)[email protected]: Ronald Johnson, 297-2733, SU 130

LAMBDA UNITED [email protected] Advisor: Gordon Adams, 297-2517, PV 8w – 237

LAN PROTOCAL LEARNING SOCIETYwww.sga.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Aditya Burkule, 297-2025, CM 101a

THE LEADER BOARD[email protected]: Michelle Perkins, 297-3735, UC 204

MBA ASSOCIATION[email protected]: Dr. Marilyn Wiley, 297-4036, BE 120

MEN OF HONOR[email protected]: James Watson, 297-3536, SU 220

THE MOLE CLUB[email protected]: Dr. Daniel Huchital, 297-3396, PS 110G

MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB[email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, Field House

MULTIRACIAL/MULTICULTURAL ENTREPRENEURIAL SOCIETY (M.E.S.)[email protected]: Gayle Evans, 297-3730, UC 203

MULTICULTURAL STUDENT COALITION www.fau.edu/student/msc/[email protected] Advisor: Pamela Byrd, 297-3995, SS 224

MUSLIM STUDENT ORGANIZATION www.msofau.org [email protected]: Desmond Rodney, 297-3038, ED 335

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE (NAACP)www.fau.edu/[email protected] or [email protected] Advisor: Larry Thomas, 297-3259, CM 106

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE REFORM OF MARIJUANA LAWS www.faunorml.org [email protected]: Becky Mulvaney, 297-3839, GS 234

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN/FIRE [email protected] Advisor: Jane Caputi, 297-3865, SO 278

NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS (N.S.B.E.)www.nsb.org [email protected]: Lofton Bullard, SE 354

NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOLARSwww.nscs.org./fau [email protected]: David Flanigan, 561/799-8622, Jupiter MC-03 HA 122

NATIONS COMMUNITY COUNCIL [email protected]: Matt Cameron, 297-2266, SH 215

NEWMAN CLUB (CATHOLIC STUDENTS)[email protected]: Helen Ross, 297-3936, GS 231

NICHIREN DAISHONIN’S BUDDHISM CLUB[email protected]: Bridget Connors, 297-3810, AH 114

PAINT BALL [email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, Field House

PAINTER’S FORUM [email protected]: Carol Prusa, 297-2969, AH 106

PARA SOCCER [email protected]: Hangqi Zhuang, 297-3413, SE 456

PERFORMING ARTS CLUB[email protected]: Maria Elena Ellison, 297-2060, FL 218A

PHI ALPHA DELTA PRE-LAW FRATERNITY[email protected]: Timothy Lenz, 297-3214, SO 384

PHI ALPHA – DELTA XI CHAPTER HONOR SOCIETY [email protected]: Dr. Cecilia Campoverde, 297-3247, SO 284

PHILOSOPHY CLUB www.sga.fau.edu/[email protected]: Dr. Marina Banchetti, 297-3868, AH 110B

PI DELTA PHI www.french.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Dr. S. Dubranac, 297-3845, GS 218

POTTER’S GUILD [email protected]: John McCoy, 297-2289, IC Bldg 41, RM 112

PSI CHI [email protected]: Dr. Robin Vallacher, 297-3371, SE 264

PUBLIC INTELLECTUALS STUDENT ASSOCIATION [email protected]: Dr. Anthony Tamburri, 297-3860, SO 100

THE QUILT CLUB [email protected]: Michael Sagristano, 297-0650, BS 203

REACH (RELIGIONS EXPEDITING ACTIVE CHANGE)[email protected]: Tom Sheehan, 6-3356, Treasure Coast, TC2 121

RED AND BLUE GIRLS [email protected] Advisor: Melissa Whitehead, 297-0561, AC RM 271

RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATIONwww.fau.edu/housing/[email protected] Advisor: Sean Pierce, 297-5008, SHS 215

ROBOTICS CLUB [email protected]: Thomas J. Kelly, 561/239-2271, SE 150

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW FAN CLUB [email protected]: Cathy Webb, 297-3734, UC 202

ROLLER HOCKEY CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, FIELD HOUSE

ROTARACT CLUBhttp://[email protected]: Cynthia Butler, 297-3347, ED 443

MEN’S RUGBY [email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655,

FIELD HOUSE WOMEN’S RUGBY [email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, FIELD HOUSE

SCULPTURE A.R.T.S. SOCIETY [email protected] Advisor: Blane De St. Croix, 297-2288, AH 107

SHARK (Sexual Health Advocated/Raising Knowledge) www.shs.fau.edu/today/[email protected]: Rosemary Dunbar, 297-3615, SS-8W 206

SKYDIVE FAU[email protected]: Ray Donato, 297-3433, AL 228

SOCIETY FOR EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY[email protected] Advisor: Todd Shackelford, 954/236-1179, Davie BC-52 275


SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS www.me.fau.edu/[email protected] or [email protected]: Amir Abtahi, 297-3425, EN 113

SOCIETY OF HISPANIC PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS (SHPE)www.sga.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Oge Marques, 297-3857, SE 420

SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS AND MARINE ENGINEERSwww.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Doug Briggs, ST1, 6-7251

SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS [email protected]: Dolores DeGroff, 297-2808, S&E 474

SPIRITUAL MATURITY [email protected]:

STORYTELLING CLUB [email protected]: Caren Neile, 297-0042, GS 227

STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL www.coe.fau.edu/[email protected]: Alexis Miranda, 297-2422, ED 279

STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONwww.fau.edu/alumni/specialprograms/[email protected]: Joann Gearhart, 297-1053, AD 297

STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN[email protected]: Charles Dukes, 297-1081, ED 430

STUDENT NURSES’ ASSOCIATION www.nsna.org [email protected] Advisor: Deborah Raines, 297-1276, SO 217

STUDENTS FOR ISRAEL [email protected]: Marianne Sanua, 297-1103, AH 149.

STUDENTS UNITED FOR AFRICA [email protected]: Dr. Gerald Scott, 297-3225, FLH 213C

SURF CLUB [email protected]: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, FIELD HOUSE

TABLE TENNIS CLUBwww.sga.fau.edu/[email protected] Advisor: Tom Cargill, 297-2655, FIELD HOUSE

TAE KWON DO [email protected]: Bruce Arneklev, 297-3242, SO 379

TAU BETA PI / FL-EPSILON [email protected]: Dr. Vichate Ungvichiano, 561/338-1650, SE 456

THE TREE OF LIFE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP [email protected] Advisor: Helen Ross, 297-3936, GS 231

THAI STUDENT ASSOCIATION www.fau.edu/[email protected]: Dr. Vichate Uviyvchiav, 561/338-1650, SE 456

THEATRE PROFESSIONALS CLUB [email protected]: David Mann, 297-3817, AL 186

TOWERS COMMUNITY COUNCILAdvisor: Lauren Bledsoe, 297-5003, SHS 215

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO UNITED [email protected] Advisor: Lochan Balroop, 297-2033, RD 7

TURKISH STUDENT ASSOCIATION AND FRIENDS[email protected]: Walid Phares, 297-3215, SO 384

UNITED ASSOCIATON OF CHINESE STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS[email protected]: Hangi Zhuang, 297-3413, SE 458

UNIVERSITYSCHOLARS PROGRAM (LOWER DIVISION HONORS SOCIETY)http://[email protected] Advisor: Hyaciuth Wideman, 297-3201, GS 212

UPSILON PI EPSILON (COMPUTER SCIENCE HONORS SOCIETY) www.fau.edu/[email protected]: Dr. Maria Petrie, 297-3899, SE 308

VICTORY BIBLE CLUB [email protected]: James Watson, 297-3536, SS 222

VISION RESEARCH CLUB [email protected] Advisor: Dr. Howard Hock, 297-3363, SE 103C

WAKEBOARDING CLUB [email protected]: Pete Montalbano, 297-0037, UC 231

WELLNESS ADVOCATE VOLUNTEER EDUCATORS (WAVE)www.shs.fau.edu/[email protected]: Rosemary Dunbar, 297-3615, SS-8W 206

WOMEN’S CHORUS [email protected] Advisor: Stacie Rossow, 297-3820, UL 115

WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR PEACE & FREEDOM[email protected] Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Ingham, 297-2526, AL 107

WOMEN’S WATER POLO TEAM[email protected]: Melissa Dawson, 297-2683, FH 25

WOMEN’S STUDIES GRADUATE STUDENT ORGANIZATION[email protected] Advisor: Josephine Beoku-Betts, 297-3865, SO 279

WRESTLING CLUB [email protected]: Ann Branaman, 297-3278, SO 391F

YOGOSLAVIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION [email protected]: Cathy Webb, 297-3734, UC 202

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