Owl Radio schedule-what you could be listening to

Monday9 a.m. — You Are Weak…You Have Failed…Commit Seppuku Now! with Eidolon10 a.m. — Campus Fete with Trini Trix11 a.m. — The K-Billy Rock Block with Crazy-J12 p.m. — Des not Pez with D-Ray1 p.m. — The Wide World of Stuff with Mikey V.2 p.m. — Sidekicks Anonymous Season 2.0 with goon3 p.m. — Get Your Sword with Zellbann The Lizardman4 p.m. — Babes In Quicksand with The Professor6 p.m. — Spin Cycle with DJ Megan

Tuesday10 a.m. — Outlook Not So Good with Enfield Brown11 a.m. — WE SCALP HAIR BANDS!with Major Chaos12 p.m. — Rock On The Edge with Shelby1 p.m. — Bring On The Ruckuswith Afro Thunder2 p.m. — The DAN”K” NORML Hour with DJ DAN”K”3 p.m. — Djakout Lakay with Vigilant5 p.m. — Roar of the Flying Dragon with Teppong9 p.m. — The Kotler Edit with DJ sobaddict Wednesday10 a.m. — La Crema with DJ Coco Lopez1 p.m. — Positive Vibration Session with Jahsh2 p.m. — Espace Musical with Boby X & Wil3 p.m. — Espace Musical with Boby X & Wil6 p.m. — Less Talk More Rock with Karen8 p.m. — thebonuscup with Ellen

Thursday10 a.m. — Rock, Hip-Hop Variety Show with Joe McGuiness11 a.m. — Apathy Caused By Discontent with Emo Dan12 p.m. — The Jeyski Show with DJ Jeyski1 p.m. — Bailey & Jones Show with Hollow Man4 p.m. — Thursday Time Tunnel with Adam J5 p.m. — The Hour Of Fire with Lady Phoenix6 p.m. — Kurt Kairos’ Ultimate Rock Show with Kurt Kairos7 p.m. — Dave & Joe: Ska and Punk with Dave and Joe8 p.m. — Dave & Joe: Ska and Punk with Dave and Joe

Friday11 a.m. — Generation-X with Joseph Anthony2 p.m. — Less Talk More Rock with Mary4 p.m. — shAdeeJay’s playlist with shAdeeJay5 p.m. — Timeout with Suki6 p.m. — Get Ready For The Hottness with The Wuternal7 p.m. — The Hellraiser with Master-X