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Numerology nuts and bolts

Numerology is the study of numbers and their influence on our personalities and character potential. To those who follow it, it correctly defines who you are and even what type of relationship you should be in.The practice is said to be based on the statement, “The world is built upon the power of numbers,” which was claimed by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (yes, the same guy responsible for A squared + B squared = C squared). Pythagoras believed that the universe could be expressed numerically.

Here for your enjoyment is the UP guide to Numerology.

How to calculate your birth number:

a.) Add up the numbers of your birth date.

For an example, letí_s use Boca campus Governor Michael Mooreí_s: April 22, 1979

4+2+2+1+9+7+9 = 84

b) Reduce the number to its prime.


Mooreí_s birth number is 3, or III.

What the numbers mean:

I. Symbol: The sun

Characteristics: Ones are individual and creative, born leaders. Can be ambitious, active and aggressive. One is the number of innovators, leaders, and winners, but also of tyrants.Negative Qualities: Ones can be self-centered and ruthless, stubborn if crossed.Relationships: They may put more energy into their career than into their personal relationships.

II. Symbol: The moon

Characteristics: Twos are passive, creative and gentle. They are less forceful in carrying out ideas and plans than number ones. Most likely to have charm and intuition. Negative Qualities: Twos have a lack of self-confidence. They can be sensitive and depressive. Twos can also be deceitful!Relationships: Twos get along well with ones.

III. Symbol: Jupiter

Characteristics: Threes are energetic, talented, proud and independent. Seeing how the number 3 is also the symbol of the trinity, the person may be spiritual.Negative qualities: Number threes are controlling and like to tell people what to do.Relationships: Threes get along well with other threes as well as sixes and nines.

IV. Symbol: Uranus

Characteristics: Fours tend to be steady and practical. They also tend to be seldom interested in material things.Negative qualities: Fours see things from opposite viewpoints and can be rebellious and unconventional.Relationships: Fours get along well with ones, twos, sevens and eights, but fours tend to feel isolated.

V. Symbol: Mercury

Characteristics: Fives are lively, sensual, impulsive and quick thinking. They tend to bounce back easily from failure.Negative qualities: Fives are quick tempered and may have trouble with nerves.Relationships: Fives get along with any number, especially other fives.

VI. Symbol: Venus

Characteristics: Sixes are reliable, romantic and trustworthy. They usually have a love of beauty and a dislike of discord.Negative qualities: Sixes may be obstinate.Relationships: Sixes get along well with any number.

VII. Symbol: Neptune

Characteristics: Sevens are original thinkers, philosophical and spiritual. They are highly intuitive, even psychic. Sevens have a love of travel and the sea. Negative: Sevens have a tendency to become too introverted.Relationships: Sevens may exert an influence on others.

VIII. Symbol: Saturn Characteristics: Eights are deep and have intense feelings. Eights are also deeply individualistic. They are associated with worldly success.Negative: Eights may appear to be cold.Relationships: Others often misunderstand eights.

IX. Symbol: Mars Characteristics: Nines are fighters and usually succeed after a struggle. They are active and determined.Negative Qualities: Nines are prone to accidents and injuries. They also may be quarrelsome.Relationships: Nines demonstrate brotherly love.

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