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The Florida Renaissance Festival is more than walk in the park: It’s a walk in a fiefdom

Take a journey to the farthest regions of Deerfield where, in a remote location known as Quiet Waters Park, a whole new world awaits. You will find the 11th annual Florida Renaissance Festival, a gathering like none other, that delivers an array of 16th century entertainment, food and culture. During the upcoming weekends, the Renaissance Festival might be your only source of true entertainment.

Having never experienced a Renaissance Festival, I was taken aback by what I saw. As soon as you enter the gates, the 21st century seems to all but disappear. Rather then the traditional Saturday jeans and t-shirt, you notice the clothing and language are completely different.

The hospitality is far greater then that of your average day at Disney World. Women and men walk around in their medieval garb and continuously talk in a manner that leaves you in awe. Everywhere you go someone is always in a jovial mood and you are greeted with a “G’day, m’lord” or sent off with a fond “Farewell, m’lord.”

There are various maps posted throughout the festival grounds to ensure that none of the revelers get lost and that all enjoy a smooth visit. Amid the endless vendors located by the entrance and throughout the Kingdom, there are a handful of shows available for your pleasure.

The most talked about event in the entire Kingdom is the Mudde Show. With three versions of the show on hand, the most entertaining of them all, by far, is Dante’s Inferno, which stars Harold, Crusty Carbuncle and Chucky. The popularity of this show relies heavily on the involvement of the crowd.

The “Theatre in The Ground” consists of a set built around an extremely large mud pit. A caution should go out to those who do not like mud: Do not to sit in the front. The mud somehow manages to get thrown all over the seating area in the course of the show. Nevertheless, the show is guaranteed to elicit chuckles and laughs from everyone.

Not too far from the stage is an Encampment. It is an intriguing display of how men and women made a living during the medieval times. There are different tents housing vendors of all kinds. You might catch a glimpse of two women weaving with a spool, and see handcrafted cups and weaponry. There is an oven in the ground and plenty of beverages on hand for consumption. It makes for an interesting visit.

If music is what you seek, then follow your feet to the sound of the Minstrels of Mayhem. Pompador, Melodio, and Thomas are sure to delight your ears with the unique and original sound of folk music. Once you have taken a seat and partaken of this show, which is located at The Wayside Stage, you will not be able to walk away from their hilarious wit. Other musical acts include the Singing Executioners, the Wyndbreakers and Bedlam.

A fairly new attraction that also seems to be popular is the Combat Chessmatch. Instead of using little wooden figures, actual humans are used to play this game of intellect. What seems innocent at first soon turns into a battle after the pawns are taken. I must not forget to mention the Armored Joust of Honour, which takes place three times a day at the King’s Field of Honour.

The Renaissance Festival is sure to keep you occupied for the entire day. Don’t be the last one to experience this once-a-year event. Make the pilgrimage to Deerfield. You won’t regret it.

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