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Keeping cars cool: new garage takes the trauma out of parking

On Volusia Street, just west of the Wimberly library, resides FAU’s newest addition. It was built to make your life a little easier.

The new parking garage, a necessary addition to our campus, was built over the summer. It towers five floors tall, holds 1,035 spaces, and was in anticipation of the large number of students that are enrolled this year. Because of the latest influx of students, FAU passed a proposal in May to build a second garage, which will be located on the west side of Florida Atlantic Boulevard.

The first garage cost $8,660,000. The funds were taken from Traffic and Parking fees. Our decal dollars were put to good use this time. The cost of the next garage will be paid for by an increase in the transportation and access fee. Students will be charged an additional $4 per semester, bringing the total to $25 for fall and spring semesters and $15 in the summer.

For those of you who haven’t reaped the benefits of your decal dollars by using the garage, I suggest you do. The parking lots at FAU are more stressful than the classrooms!

You’ve seen students who scope out a spot three aisles away and swoop in for the kill, oblivious to anything and anyone in their path. Maybe you speed down an entire aisle in reverse, thinking you saw someone with keys in their hand.

The parking garage is a friendly alternative to the dangerous lots. FAU student Tom Cummings has noticed the garage’s popularity as well: “I like it because it’s close to my classes, but it’s pretty packed.” Others still endure a daily fight in the parking lots.

The inevitable Florida rain is another problem that the parking lot helps to alleviate. Every student has experienced it. The skies are crystal clear, the birds are singing, and it seems to be another beautiful day at FAU. But an hour later, as you leave class, you see dark clouds daring you as you walk to your car. Those demon clouds thunder with laughter as you run for what seems like a mile, trying to keep your $90 textbook dry. You stumble in an attempt to get inside your car before the flood comes. Once you’re on your way, the rain lightens up, and after about twenty minutes, the birds are singing again. FAU student Sara Roberts likes the garage because “it keeps my car cool, and when it’s raining I don’t have to worry about getting everything out of my car.”

The garage is a great escape from the unpredictable weather, including the sweltering sun. Florida heat will bake your car, which is guaranteed to be hot enough to bake a cake unless you park in a shaded area. As long as you’re not stuck on the fifth floor, the garage does a great job of protecting you and your car from the elements.

Hopefully, someday parking will be easier at FAU. For now, let’s all be thankful that something has finally been done to relieve some stress from our daily commute.

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