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Golf cart stolen, hit show cancelled

FAU’s OWL TV has cancelled taping its most popular show, “Golf Cart Confessions” because there is no golf cart.

The OWL TV golf cart was stolen from in front of the University Center on Sunday, October 7 around 2 a.m.

“One of my workers came in to get the studio ready for a Monday production. We noticed that our cart was missing. There were tracks leading where the golf cart was parked. The bushes were destroyed, so you could tell that the golf cart was taken forcefully,” OWL TV Station Manager Kristian Caro said.

OWL TV employees notified FAU police Monday morning. That same weekend, two other golf carts were also stolen from university grounds. It was also the eighth cart stolen in a year.

A week after the cart was stolen, the police notified OWL TV of the cart’s fate and location. It was found submerged inside the Del Rio Canal, behind FAU’s T-buildings.

“It took a tumble down, at least 10 to 15 ft., and it plunged in the water… pretty deep… at least 10 feet,” Caro said. “They were able to find it through a helicopter.”

Once recovered, the deplorable physical state of the golf cart was obvious. Caro said, “It was a total loss.”

OWL TV Production Coordinator and Editor Jam Friedman said seeing the cart was “really heartbreaking.”

Friedman explained: “It was sitting in the middle of the parking lot of the police station, all the wheels fell off, the steering wheel broken, the sides were all cracked up, the front was all crashed up. There were frogs and snails living in it – all kinds of sludge, and weed – it was disgusting.”

The golf cart was OWL TV’s major means of transporting equipment from the station to other university locations, such as the gym, the football and baseball fields.

The cart was most visible in OWL TV’s number one show, “Golf Cart Confessions,” which Caro describes as a knock-off of HBO’s “Taxi Cab Confessions.”

“We picked students up, faculty, people, and as we were taking them to their cars or their dorms, anywhere on campus, we’d ask them questions.

“We’d ask everything from ‘When was your first kiss?’ to ‘What classes are you taking?’ ‘What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?’ It was a really cool show – a lot of people liked it, a lot of people watched it.”

OWL TV also won’t be able to continue providing students rides.

“On rainy days, we used to take our golf cart… and take people to and from the UC, to their dorms, to their cars – it was just kind of like a gesture. We enjoyed it – helping the students out,” Caro said.

Preventive measures are currently being considered by Student Government to secure the carts, one of which includes the building of a corral, a gated area that would house the golf carts. But this is not the first time such a proposition was explored.

“We previously had plans for building a corral for the golf carts, but it didn’t go through for whatever reason, now the building of a corral has moved to being a priority on our list,” Student Body Vice President Ancel Pratt said.

Student Goverment is also researching how much it will cost to replace the $8,000 stolen golf cart.

“We are going to have to assume full responsibility because -although it is not our fault- it is our responsibility to provide our agencies and organizations with the proper tools to do their job,” Pratt said.

While police continue to investigate the incident, FAU, Student Government, and OWL TV have already established consequences for the person or persons who committed the crime.

“If we find out it is someone from an organization or from school, we’ll make sure that A) that person pays the golf cart, B) that person gets expelled, and C) that person is never allowed back on campus. Simple as that,” Caro said.

Pratt agrees, “If a group, individual or organization is found for the theft and vandalism of the golf cart, which is university property, we will definitely press charges.”

If that is the case, Caro suggests that the guilty party to come forward: “I just hope that if somebody did it and they read this, turn yourself in, and we won’t be as harsh on you as we say we will. But if we find out through the police or something like that, that you did it, we’ll make sure that you get the proper punishment for what you did.”

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