She Said

Lauren Cawdrey

Well you no longer have a choice to tune in or tune out of FAU’s radio station WOWL. The Breezeway, once home to loud voices and occasional music, now harbors radio play through the omnipresent speakers located throughout. The outdoor areas for studying are few and far in between. It’s virtually the only place on campus where you can have the pleasures of reading in silence with fresh air and natural sunlight and do a little people watching as well. Now that there is music blaring through the speakers, we no longer have that luxury. The deafening music interrupts any chain of thought whatsoever. People who are for keeping this new idea may say that the music only plays through the Breezeway and that there are other places to study outdoors but when the Breezeway is less populated, the great acoustics of concrete send the WOWL’s message loud and clear.

The weather being so lovely this week, I sat on a bench in the Breezeway to get some reading in before class. As I read, trying to tune out the noise, I continually reread the same line over and over again because of some out of tune punk band with a female vocalist so high pitched that only dogs should have been able to hear her. For now at least, myself and those who share my view, are going to have to choose between the following: Sitting in the dirt away from the breezeway, finding a bench in a location about as populated as the moon or finding a seat at the library in a stuffy room with recycled air conditioning and a bad halogen bulb. I’m all for diversity in music but I don’t think it should be forced on us like this. I know this idea might seem ancient, but ever heard of a walkman?