Rose de la Espriella, the graduate teaching assistant who died by suicide last year. Photos courtesy of Ricardo de la Espriella/Illustration by Alex Liscio

Serving, transitioning, living: the struggles of Rose de la Espriella

February 5, 2020

Rose de la Espriella served six years in the Air Force. The FAU graduate teaching assistant was also a trans woman who died by suicide on campus in November.

Clockwise from top left: James

Nontraditional students on campus share their stories

March 1, 2018

From ex-military to ex-wrestler, those who return to school after the age of 25 come in all shapes and sizes and with an array of goals to obtain.

Alex Mera wears his purple heart medal in front of the United States Marine Corps and American flag. Brandon Harrington | Staff Photographer

Despite a near-death experience, student veteran is able to overcome and move forward

November 11, 2016

M oments before a sniper in Iraq shot Alex Mera through the lung, the Marine infantryman was on patrol with his platoon. He ...