Berlinie St. Fort, junior communications major (center) shows her support for students at
the University of Missouri during a protest in November 2015. Some other signs said “Racism isn’t dead,” and “#indictthesystem
Black and Proud.”. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Former Student Government vice president discusses free speech resolution

April 22, 2016

Two weeks ago, the Student Government Boca Raton House of Representatives passed a resolution that allows for the entire Boca Campus to become a free speech zone.

Students with FAU's NAACP held a protest on campus last November to support the students at Mizzou. Right now, there are limitations on campus as to where students can and can not protest. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Students want all of Boca Raton campus to be free speech zone

April 14, 2016

Last week’s protest on campus against the dining choices presented at Atlantic Dining Hall was example of democracy in action. It was also, technically, illegal. That’s set to change with a new law passed by Student Government on Friday. On April 8, the House of Representatives passed Boca Raton House Bill 16-06, which makes the entire campus a place for free speech. The current laws regarding protest and free speech say that students and university organizations must file a free speech form.