The abortion protest on Thursday at the Boca campus. Photo by Eston Parker III

Pro-life organization uses graphic photos to protest on Boca campus

February 14, 2020

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform expressed anti-abortion stance outside the Social Science building on Thursday for around six hours.

You can find the group handing out condoms on the breezeway. Picture left to right: Alex Bruens, Ally Walchak, Natasha Roberts, Photo by Alex Liscio

Meet the Planned Parenthood organization at FAU

March 22, 2019

Generation Action is trying to reduce the stigma around abortion.

Created Equal representatives wore body cameras this year as they spoke to bypassers about the morals of abortion. Photo by Chris Blackshear

Anti-abortion group demonstrates at FAU

October 31, 2018

Created Equal spent a day outside the Social Science building with a JumboTron television playing abortion footage.

Students marching down Diversity Way, led by College Democrats Vice President Sophie Siegel. | Ofelia Pinnock

Proud ‘sluts’ march on Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2018

Students protested to end rape culture and reclaim their sexuality.