Nine of the past eleven student body presidents have been involved in Greek life. 
Graphic by Israel Fontoura.

Greek life members hold most of Student Government’s top positions

May 2, 2019

During a Student Government campaign, the life-long friendships members are promised in fraternities and sororities may come in handy when they need votes.

A national conservative group, Turning Point USA, claims to have helped elect over 50 student body presidents in the past two years through campaign donations. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Past Student Government campaigns had ties to national conservative group

September 17, 2018

Several top-ranking FAU Student Government members have taken money from national conservative organization Turning Point USA, but does it matter?

Photo courtesy of Student Government Elections' Facebook

A look at the rumors surrounding the special election

April 24, 2018

From egging a house to an election conspiracy, Student Government members share the rumors relating to the special election.

FAU police interim chief speaks to crowd at

‘It’s On Us’ Sexual Assault Awareness Week kicks off with banquet

April 4, 2017

On Monday night, the Grand Palm Room in the FAU Student Union was filled with students and faculty attending the “It’s On Us...

Photo courtesy of SG

Student Government turns down bill that would fund decades-old FAU art event (Update)

February 3, 2017

An art event that has been at Florida Atlantic for more than 25 years is now in danger of not being held due to a lack of funding.

Snapshot courtesy of Reddit's college football Twitter page.

Twitter users react after Lane Kiffin hired as football head coach

December 12, 2016

After Florida Atlantic hired Lane Kiffin as its next football coach on Monday, Twitter users across the country took to the platform to share their opinions on the former Alabama offensive coordinator.

Over 500 students gather to listen to the final presidential debate of 2016. Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor

Students look to improve young-adult voter turnout from last election

November 4, 2016

If you have walked around campus this semester, you most likely have been approached by members of the Florida Atlantic College Democra...

The stage lights reveal the crowd during the finale of Chase Bryant’s show. Andrew Fraieli | Managing Editor

Bonfire performance met with mixed student reviews

October 25, 2016

F lorida Atlantic catered to country music lovers for this year’s Homecoming bonfire concert — but it left some students...

Student Body President Michael Cairo talks to the crowd about his administration's student voter registration program. Craig Ries | Contributing Photographer

Student body president and vice president speak during State of the University address

September 29, 2016

  On Wednesday, Student Body President Michael Cairo and Vice President Juliana Walters spoke during the Student Government St...

Courtesy of FAU Student Government.

Student Government program allows some parking tickets to be paid with canned goods

August 24, 2016

For the next three days, “Cans for Cites” will be in effect, which allows students, faculty and visitors to get out of certain parking violations by donating canned goods.

FAU Board of Trustees Chairman Anthony Barbar and Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee Thomas Workman. Photo by Michelle Friswell

Three new members for the Board of Trustees

May 20, 2016

A local surgeon, a CEO and Florida Atlantic's new student body president were added to the university’s Board of Trustees — a group of elected members that vote and carry out the college’s objectives — on May 17.

The office of the Student Government Elections Board remains vacant most of the time, as the chair of the board lives on FAU’s Jupiter campus. Ryan Klimar, the marketing director for the Elections Board, has been frustrated with Gregory Barber’s absence, and thinks it has to do with him being a Jupiter student: “He’s not in Boca, he’s not where the action happens. The representation of Broward and Jupiter towards FAU is important, … but when you’re choosing university-wide leadership positions, they need to be centered in Boca.”

Student Government member forgoes duties, students say advisers stepped in to save elections

April 27, 2016

A miniature American flag hangs upside down on the corkboard of the elections office in the second floor of the Student Union, a traditional note of a state in distress. The flipped flag symbolizes the chaos the elections office faced over the past two months. “The elections are done so I guess I’ll just—” Elections Board Marketing Director Ryan Klimar said as he reached over to flip the flag right side up. “I flipped that two months ago.” In February, the Student Government elections for the next president, vice president and campus governors kicked off, but they didn’t go smoothly.