Illustration by Michelle Rodriguez Gonzalez.

FAU community mourns the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

October 9, 2020

Her dying wish, which was for the government to wait until after the inauguration of the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election to vote in her replacement, had also warranted some concern from the FAU community.

Attendees and panelists who attended the second annual Black History Month Symposium. Left to right standing up: Ryan Daniels, Joi Dean, Sheivon Tribble, Marcela Callejas, Maria Yepes, Ananda Edmonds, Abby Dove, and Simone Stewart. From left to right the panel sitting down: Aleia Dennis, Rachelle Saint-Louis, Naheelah Wallace, Alexa McCalla-Johnson, Arielle Francois, and Lillie Feller. Photo by Destiny Harris

Black History Month Symposium tackles feminism, colorism

February 28, 2020

FAU’s National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter, a feminist student organization, hosted the second annual Black History Month Symposium in the House Chambers and discussed feminism, racism, colorism and microaggressions in the Black community on Feb. 25.