FAU business partner pulls out of stadium deal

FAU business partner pulls out of stadium deal

May 8, 2014

The FAU Football stadium remains nameless heading into its third football season after a controversial move to name it after a...

Chick-Fil-A hits FAU this Fall

Chick-Fil-A hits FAU this Fall

May 2, 2014

Chick-fil-A is one of the new dining options coming to FAU in fall 2014, according to a tweet from FAU Dining Services on May...

FAU’s Top five moments that made headlines

Kathryn Wohlpart

January 7, 2014

Florida Atlantic University had a rough start to its spring semester — school wasn’t even officially open for business when the first newsworthy moment graced the covers. With three incidents occurring before finals week, and another two during the fall, FAU only seemed to be furthering an already infamous reputation. Here are the top five stories...

FAU President Mary Jane Saunders allegedly clips Owlcatraz student protester with her car

Dylan Bouscher

March 22, 2013

An FAU student protesting the university’s recent stadium naming rights agreement with a private prison company was allegedly clipped by FAU President Mary Jane Saunders’ car as she was leaving the Jupiter campus this morning. Saunders was leaving a “coffee with faculty” event on the campus when student protesters surrounded her car, according to multiple witnesses. Senior women’s studies major Britni ...

FAU’s football stadium gets a new name from a prison company with years of legal baggage

Christopher Massana and Sarah Pruzansky

February 28, 2013

Within minutes of the Board of Trustees’ vote, the image of a rotating FAU logo disappeared from the TV screen in the stadium recruitment room. Replacing it was a white screen with the words “Welcome to GEO Group Stadium.” A subtle change, but one that couldn’t have been more impactful if iron bars had dropped down over the windows. On Tuesday, ...