Pieces similar to the one pictured above, made of glass, resin, and other materials, will be included in the gallery. Photo courtesy of FAU Galleries' Facebook

FAU to feature Caribbean art gallery

November 6, 2018

The exhibition opens this Thursday, and will feature famous Haitian artist Edouard-Duval Carrié, among others.

The Consortium was last hosted at FAU in 2015, and its pieces could be sculptures, paintings, or any other form of art, as seen above. Photo courtesy of FAU Galleries Facebook page

FAU to feature South Florida artists

September 13, 2018

The free art exhibit shows off the work of 12 artists, and will run from mid-September to early October.

Art exhibition arrives at FAU for the fifth time

February 7, 2018

The showing, which is free for students and the public, will be on display until March 3.

Danish artist Isabel Berglund's social art project has taken over FAU's Schmidt Gallery. Photo courtesy of University Gallery at FAU

Students contribute to Danish artist’s exhibit on campus

December 1, 2017

The display in the Schmidt Gallery was created with knitting.

Photo of Luis Castillo and Sarah Rabinowitz courtesy of Michael Zager.

Art2Music competition crowns winners

November 22, 2016

Artist Sarah Rabinowitz and composer Luis Castillo have been announced as the winners of a months-long collaboration between two Florid...

Students get to see art installments like this one at a Miami art gallery. Photo courtesy of Painter’s Forum Owl Central page.

Weekly Spotlight: Painter’s Forum

April 14, 2016

This week we spoke with Will Landis, co-president of the Painter’s Forum. The club presents opportunities for art students to become more exposed to art through field trips to galleries, guest speakers and more.

Photo from

How To Spend Spring Break Without Breaking The Bank

March 4, 2016

Spring Break — a week away from not only the responsibilities of school, but also the responsibilities of society. College students are drawn to fantastic locations to party until physically, emotionally and financially spent with not a care in the world. For some of us, however, those grandiose adventures are simply not in the cards.

Galleries Galore: FAU art galleries awarded $148,000

October 7, 2015

Florida Atlantic University’s art galleries are going to be offering more mentoring programs for middle school and high school students, after receiving over $148,000 in grants.

Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photographer

Review: Trying to figure out what “art” is at the 2015 Spring Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

April 26, 2015

As I walked past the fancy cheese and the “free” wine with the modest $3 suggested donation sign last Thursday, April 23,...

Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Drinking, karaoke and art with the artists of the Exit 26 exhibit

November 16, 2014

  Photography major Maria Mor’s piece in the exhibit is titled “Simulacrum.” Her work consists of seven photographs of everyday items ranging from a hammer to a toothbrush. The ...

[Mohammed Emran | Contributing Photographer]

The Schmidt Gallery’s ‘Confluence’ Exhibit Showcases Diversity in Culture as well as Disciplines

April 27, 2014

India Ink and graphite. Clay and brick. Ceramic and sound. The art on display during the Confluence exhibit is as diverse as the FAU students who created it. Displaying now through the summe...

FAU’s 2013 Biennial Faculty Art Exhibition features a wide range of artwork, mixing paintings with sculptures and sculptures with music

Sarah Pruzansky

October 2, 2013

Senior computer engineering major Jason Immerblum stares up at the black and white painting of a Hawaiian girl wearing a pink lei on the wall. His eyes soon trail from the painting to a red rope. The rope is coming out of the painted girl’s hand and turning into a three-dimensional red sculpture of a pig sitting in front of the painting. “E...