Atlantic Dining Hall Hosts Halloween Party

Boca Raton’s Enigma Haunt previewed one of their 2017 haunted houses at the event.


An Enigma Haunt actor at the Atlantic Dining Hall Halloween Party. Viviana Lopez | Contributing Writer

Viviana Lopez, Contributing Writer

Screams and laughs were heard coming from the Atlantic Dining Hall’s Halloween party Wednesday night.

The event included Boca Raton haunted house Enigma Haunt, an attraction voted the “#1 Must See Haunted House in Florida” by The haunted house featured screaming characters that jumped out and chased students.

Enigma Haunt marketing employee Damian Conti acts as “Dr. Grant, a mad scientist” for the haunted house.

“We are a haunted house, we are here to entertain our guests.  We are a charitable cause, we partner with Don’t Be a Monster (a bullying prevention program),” Conti said. “We want to bring the spirit of Halloween back to South Florida.”

At the Atlantic Dining Hall, students spun a wheel to win prizes such as beads, candy, shot glasses or a free ticket to the haunted house six minutes away from campus. A short preview of the full Enigma Haunt house was located in the corner of the cafe.

After exiting the ‘maze of scares,’ neuroscience and behavior major Sebastien Nicolas said he enjoyed the scare.

“I was kinda expecting for them to jump out of the side, I knew IT was the theme, so I was expecting clowns,” Nicolas said.

Along with the haunted house, there was a pumpkin carving contest held at the front of the dining hall. Ten teams were involved in the contest and each team had two members.

The winners of the contest were a freshmen couple, Deja Wallace and Emari Wiles Lee. The prize was a $50 Universal gift card and nine dollars in FAU restaurant credit.

Viviana Lopez is a contributing writer of the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].