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Sigma Kappa hosts welcome event for new recruits

The event was held outside of the Student Union on Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Sigma Kappa's Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Sigma Kappa's Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Sigma Kappa's Twitter.

Nate Nkumbu, Contributing Writer

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Food, music and the making of new friends were all on display during the biannual welcome party for the sorority Sigma Kappa.

The event was held on the lawn just outside the Student Union Thursday and allowed for newly admitted members to be introduced to the sorority.

Vice president of new member education for Sigma Kappa and sophomore hospitality major Bri Blackley said that the event “precedes rush week” and its main purpose is to get new members up to speed about the sorority’s traditions.

The theme for this year’s party was ocean inspired, complete with seashell and mermaid decorations. The sophomore said that she chose the theme.

Like Blackley, senior hospitality major Megan Swe said that while the event is all about introducing recruits to the sorority sisters, it is also about teaching them the values and mottos of Sigma Kappa such as “one heart, one way.”   

“Personal growth is one of our values,” Swe said. “It’s a huge thing for us that from when you walk in the door to when you graduate that you are a better person than when you started.”

For Lexi Castrillon, a freshman elementary education major, seeing the recruiting process as a member has given her a greater appreciation of her sisters and her Greek organization.

“I love my organization with my whole heart, but working in the background brings it into a whole new light, especially when you put all the hard work into it,” Castrillon said. “It’s nice to see what comes out of it. It makes you proud that your organization did this “  

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