Yik Yak threat student speaks on controversy

Emeil Stewart gives his side to the Yik Yak threats.


Ryan Lynch, Sports Editor

The UP reached out to accused student Emeil Stewart regarding his situation Wednesday evening after police held a news conference and released the police report on the Yik Yak threat case.

“I didn’t want to start the uproar I did,” said Stewart about the post he made on Yik Yak on Tuesday evening.

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Stewart was suspended Tuesday night and is no longer attending the school.

His interim suspension bans him from stepping foot onto any FAU campus, according to the FAU police report.

The former freshman neuroscience student said he made the post after skateboarding past two students, overhearing them talking about shooting up the Breezeway earlier in the day.

“I actually overheard the threat and didn’t want to go to the police because I was unsure, so I indirectly lied on Yik Yak and said ‘a friend texted it’ to know if people would report it even if it isn’t 100 percent sure,” explained Stewart.

“However I did not want to go to the police and risk them going crazy so my mistake was posting it on yak when I shouldn’t have,” he said. “So yes I deserve to be kicked off campus but to call me a killer when I just wanted to be safe, now (sic) i’m mad.”

Stewart said he deleted the initial yak 30 seconds after posting it because of the initial reception it received on the app.

“They might have been joking and I was on the [longboard],” Stewart said. “So I wasn’t sure.”

Stewart was accused with posting suspicious messages on Yik Yak and later came forward to the police at about 9:18 p.m., the report states.

“They never arrested me, they couldn’t.” Stewart said. “I didn’t make a threat, if I did they would have arrested [me] on [the] spot.”

Stewart says his suspension from campus probably alleviated fears of a shooting threat.

“The school probably had to get rid of the unease,” he said. “And since I didn’t know who it was…. someone had to go. Once the media got involved and it was over for me.”

King said in the news conference they are currently working to help Stewart get home to Port Charlotte, Florida.

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