Preparing for the big game

The precautions the university is placing to alleviate traffic headaches and serious incidents


Photo by Sabrina Martinez

Patrick Martin, News Editor

The Florida Atlantic football game against the University of Miami is projected to draw the largest crowd in school history, according to FAU Athletics.

But the university president is hoping there won’t be too many serious incidents.

“This Miami game is exciting and a little bit edgy,” President John Kelly said in a faculty senate meeting.

Kelly said tensions rise when people drink too much, and the school is going to have a lot of out of town guests rooting for UM.

“We will be on national television, so if anything happens big or small, the nation will see,” he said.

In a three and a half-hour window last Friday, Kelly said 4,645 students signed up to receive their tickets and the school is expecting to sell out FAU Stadium.

Offices will close early, and no classes or meetings should be scheduled on the Boca Raton campus after 1 p.m.,” an email addressed to students prior to the game said.

Kickoff for the game will be at 8 p.m. The university has made plans to provide three shuttles to transport fans from both Miami and FAU from the Tri-Rail station on Yamato Road that will be open late, FAU Athletics spokeswoman Katrina McCormack said.

FAU police are expecting traffic congestion after closing, and have provided a flowchart to alleviate cross-traffic.

Those exiting the parking garages should be aware of the restricted traffic flow and remain patient exiting campus on Friday, police said in the email.

Anyone parked in lots 4 and 7 will need to leave before 2 p.m. because the lots are reserved for the game; all vehicles will be towed by FAU Athletics to lot 12, the email states.


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