Old Owl New Nest: Larry Faerman to be Director of Housing

Bibi Patel, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Larry Faerman
Larry Faerman participates in “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” an event put together by OwlsCare to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month at FAU. Photo courtesy of Larry Faerman.

Correction: The original version of this story claimed that Larry Faerman was a member of the class of 2019, and that he was seeking a second degree. In actuality, Faerman graduated from FAU in 2009 is not an FAU degree-seeking student.

Larry Faerman will be the next executive director for Housing & Residential Life/Student Affairs starting July 1. He’s has been associated with FAU since 1999.

In his 16-year career, Faerman held positions such as director and associate director of the Student Union, and assistant director and coordinator for Housing and Residential Life.

The accomplishments he is most proud of in these positions were ones he felt were “initiatives that leave some sense of legacy, that is something that stays with you.”

He was involved in the planning of the Grand Palm Room, Live Oak Pavilion and the opening of new housing buildings, among other events. He believes these endeavors helped him understand how integral each part of the institution is to the success of the university.

His newest position’s duties will include overseeing the general operation of the housing program as well as creating a promotional plan for Student Affairs operated facilities.

In a job posting online, qualifications for this position included a Master’s degree (doctorate preferred) in a related field as well as 10 years of prior full-time experience as an associate director or higher.

Faerman met the degree requirement with his doctorate in higher education leadership. He also exceeded the minimum experience required as an associate director.

Serving as the assistant director for housing at FAU for nine years, he had the opportunity to interact with organizations like Student Involvement and Program Board in order to develop the residential experience for students.

His experience with housing does not solely come from FAU. Faerman served as the state adviser for Florida Association of Residence Halls for four years. This experience enabled him to gather ideas for improvement of FAU’s residential program as well as “brag about FAU’s initiatives.”

Faerman has also hosted the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls “No Frills” Business Conference. This regional spring conference takes place at one the participating universities who bid to host. It is referred to as “no frills” due to participation costs being lessened to the essentials “where to meet, where to eat, and where to sleep.”

The residence associations from the participating states in the region come to the host university where they discuss the business side of residence halls and award outstanding SAACURH members.

A Boca Raton native himself, Faerman is an active part of the community as a member of FAU’s Alumni Association Board of Directors and division representative and coach for the Soccer Association of Boca Raton.

He was also inducted in the Parliament of OWLs (Older, Wiser, Leaders), which honors alumni that were student leaders during their time at FAU.

This past year Faerman served as the interim dean of students where he encountered daily student issues such as academic and financial concerns he was unfamiliar with in his previous experience.

He stated these encounters “provided me [with] a different perspective of the student experience than I had prior to serving in this role.”

Faerman also plays an active role in student life by participating in various student-run events throughout the year. These events include the Spring Carnival, FAU Gala, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes and games for various sports.

He believes it is essential to be involved in student life. “As administrators we can emulate balance for our students as they see us working hard when it is time to work, but also enjoying ourselves when the environment allows,” said Faerman.

“It also allows us to interact with students on their turf,” Faerman continued, “and assists in having them view us as more than just our job titles or responsibilities.”

Faerman shared how he is looking forward to helping President John Kelly in his vision to make FAU the fastest improving university. He looks to do so through the improvement of residential life, something he believes is a foundational piece of that vision.