Former FAU student Gaetan Narcisse killed by drunk driver


FAU Senior, Gaetan Narcisse was killed Thursday night, June 19, by a drunk driver. 21-year-old Narcisse was only one semester short of graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Picture by Port St. Lucie Police Department Courtesy of WPTV

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that Gaetan Narcisse was a senior currently enrolled at FAU. According to FAU Media Relations, he has not enrolled in courses since Fall 2012.

Only one semester short of graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, former FAU student Gaetan Narcisse’s life was cut violently short when he was killed Thursday night, June 19, by a drunk driver. Gaetan attended FAU from fall 2011 through fall 2012.

“It’s so heartbreaking to hear about the death of someone so young because of drunk driving, especially an FAU student,” said student body president Michael Cepeda in a Facebook status.

Narcisse, a 21-year-old Port Saint Lucie native, was on his way to work the night shift at Walmart around 10:30 p.m. according to WPTV when he was T-boned. The accident occurred at the intersection of S.W. Del Rio Boulevard and S.W. California Boulevard, just a half mile away from his home. Narcisse died at the scene.

The drunk driver, identified as 25-year-old Matthew Martinez from Alabama, had a blood alcohol content level that was twice the legal limit, according to police. He was since arrested with manslaughter charges, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Despite only attending FAU for one year, Narcisse left a strong impression on his peers at FAU. “He was such a sweetheart,” said senior finance major Lexi Rosario. “He really knew how to make people laugh and how to connect with people. He was genuinely sweet and had a really good heart. FAU won’t be the same without him.”

Other FAU students took to Twitter to say goodbye to their friend, Gaetan, including FAU student Miles Johnson, who tweeted “R.I.P to my homie from #FAU #FloridaAtlanticUniversity #GaetanNarcisse. Saw that man everyday ballin crackin jokes.. will miss u fam.”

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