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Maddy’s Movies: “American Hustle” is truly the most amazing film, according to Maddy.


I was not expecting this movie to be this funny. I mean like, really freaking funny. Not slapstick funny or crude jokes, but honest to god funny.

During the late 1970s, con artist Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and his lovely, clever partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) run a successful con business. Both coming from hardship earlier in their lives, Irving and Sydney strive to make a better life for themselves hustling, or conning, other people. They do what they’ve got to do to survive.

When the two end up conning an undercover FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), Irving and Sydney are threatened with jail time unless they use their skills to help DiMaso perform four busts of some powerful politicians.

Sounds simple right? If only the con business didn’t involve so much lying, manipulation, personal feelings and one crazy-ass housewife, Mrs. Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence).

“American Hustle” has already been nominated for seven Golden Globe awards and it’s clear why.

Christian Bale is perfect as husband, devoted father (he really loves his adopted son Danny) and a genius con artist. Even with his big belly and wild comb over he is still pretty attractive, enough so to attract Amy Adams’ character Sydney Prosser. Tasteful side-boob and wild hair cannot distract from Adams profound acting abilities as Irving’s super smart and very precise con artist partner and lover.

Bradley Cooper is insane in this movie. Probably not “Silver-Linings Playbook” crazy, but hair curler wearing, FBI eager and power-hunger crazy. He wants to run the operation, he wants to be the one in charge and have people working for him. But all that ambition is dangerous as Richie, Irving and Sydney’s operation to con a few corrupt politicians becomes bigger and more involved with congressmen, senators and even the mafia.

Jeremy Renner is fantastic as mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine Polito. A good guy and hard-working family man, Polito is trying to do the best for his city and state. He plays such a good guy that conning him to get to bigger people weighs heavy on Irving. But there is a con to be a done, a job to do and lives on the line.

I freaking LOVE Jennifer Lawrence in this movie. She is absolutely crazy as Irving’s bored-out-of her mind wife Rosalyn. She has nothing better to do all day then drink, clean, paint her nails with some questionable nail polish (the stuff gets her high, apparently) and occasionally put out fires she “may have” caused by knocking over a sun lamp or putting metal in the microwave.

I have no idea why this movie is so funny. I, along with many members of the audience, was constantly laughing. Laughing at the actors facial expressions, the deliverance of their sporadic dialogue, and the uncomfortable jams they always seem to get themselves out of during their operation came naturally.

The music is spot on. I love movies set in the ‘60s or ‘70s because they always have the best soundtracks and have classic songs for all kinds of situations that fit the mood perfectly. And let’s not forget the wardrobe. I never thought the ‘70s could look so good, but when you have beautiful actors wearing these costumes, I guess anything can look good. Even a velvet, maroon colored suit.

This movie reminded me a lot of the TV show “Leverage” on TNT. Not surprising though, since movies or TV shows based on or inspired by actual cons can feel the same sometimes.

But “American Hustle” is a true masterpiece. It’s captivating and moving. There is not one boring moment in the entire film, not one actor who didn’t belong in their role and not one pointless scene that didn’t help propel the next in the movie. I haven’t felt this blown away by a movie all year.

Sure there have been the cool action movies, the powerful dramas, and the heartfelt tear jerkers but to see this many talented actors in something so well written and well shot (hats off to the cinematography) was truly different and spectacular.

I give “American Hustle” four out of four hustles (or bad comb overs, I can’t decide). I strongly urge everyone to go and see this movie and see it fast before I see “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Lord knows that movie will also be amazing. But since I haven’t seen or reviewed that one yet, go see “American Hustle.”

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