FAU’s 24-Hour Tailgate

Bryant Eng

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There was no shortage of loud music, good times or strong drinks at the Rat’s Mouth last Thursday and Friday.

Outside FAU Football Stadium, Student Government held an event that may have started a new tradition, FAU’s first ever 24-Hour Tailgate.

Nov. 15-16, the students supported the football team, painted their bodies red and blue, and seemed to have one hell of a time.

Students had a chance to see the Rat’s Mouth littered with camping tents, coolers, grills, countless red Solo cups, and an excited (and for the most part intoxicated) student body. The 24-hour party received a turnout of about 150 students on the first night.

The Owls ended up losing 34-24 to FIU’s Golden Panthers, but some students have their free shirts (given out by Student Government) and possibly some morning-after hangovers to remember it by.

Disclosure: Bryant Eng is a member of Student Government