Football: Fan Fest Scrimmage postponed to Sunday at 6 p.m because of lightning delay

Rolando Rosa

Owls quarterback Graham Wilbert said in the offseason he’s been working on his mobility. In the Fan Fest scrimmage, Wilbert picked up some yards with his feet. Photo by Michelle Friswell.

Eighteen plays.

That’s how long new Owls head coach Carl Pelini’s first scrimmage open to the public lasted.

After that, mother nature took control, as lightning forced Fan Fest scrimmage at FAU Football Stadium to be postponed and sent the team to retreat for shelter. Pelini was frustrated but still tried to stay positive.

“Very disappointed. But again, one of mentors, always said, Bob Stoops, when I got this job he said, ‘Don’t forget if you make it a big deal it’s a big deal.’” Pelini said. “If you roll with it then it’s not a big deal. You just got to roll with it, refigure and move on.”

The scrimmage will resume tomorrow at 6 p.m but is closed to the public. Pelini said the first unit offense and defense will go against each other, followed by the second string offense and defense.

There was one touchdown scored in today’s scrimmage, on a 32 yard carry by Owls running back Damian Fortner. Afterwards, Pelini stressed the importance of the running game, even saying there could be as many as four to five backs used per game.

“That’s been an emphasis for us. We know we have to run the football.” Pelini said. “We’re not a real deep team defensively and the ability to be able to run and throw is important us. But we have to establish a ground game.”

Even though the scrimmage was called off for today, players remained optimistic.

“I was really excited. We wanted to have some full, live contact. We’re just going to have to turn it back up,” tight end Nexon Dorvilus said of the mentality needed for tomorrow’s scrimmage. “I’m a little disappointed about the weather but we have tomorrow.”