UP Q&A With Terry Adams

Award-winning flatland BMXer Terry Adams is currently on a 50-stop tour around the nation. He stopped by FAU to do some sweet tricks before heading back to New Orleans, his hometown.

“Flatland biking is like creating art on a bike. You can do a lot of tricks riding on the flat ground.” He said his most famous trick is the Katrina, named after the hurricane that tore through New Orleans in 2005.

“Your body jumps over the bike, from one trick to the next. I made it up during the storm. I didn’t have any power, so I was doing tricks on my bike.”

Adams said he looked up to bikers TJ Lavin and Matthias Dandois when he was younger. “Matthias is a kid who does what I do, but he’s on top of his game and he’s a good-lookin’ guy.”