Going viral

Jack Hernandez

FAU has launched its own mobile app and switched from MyFAU to Gmail on Sept. 12, but there’s more technological progress to come.

According to university Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jason Ball, here’s what FAU’s working on:

Suggestion Box: “We are looking into setting up a suggestion drop off box for any app ideas or suggestions students may have.”

Places app: “We are also planning to incorporate a places app that will provide students with information such as the bookstore location and restaurant operating times and allow you to check in at FAU”

Blackberry app: “We are currently working on releasing a mobile app version compatible for Blackberry phones. Currently it is only available for iPhone, Android and the regular mobile web”

Student Advisory Board: “We are looking forward to create a student advisory board for our department [Information Resource Management].”

The UP also asked students what kind of apps they would like to see implemented at FAU. Here’s what they said:

“I would like to see an app that makes every single car pool space pressure sensitive, so that it can tell you what spots on the campus are available to park and so forth on.”  Jeremy Feingold, senior, computer animation major

“Access to registration information directly from the app.  I would like to be able to register directly from the app and also have an option within the app to see class due dates.”
Alexis Ford, senior, computer animation

“I would like to see Job Openings on campus.” Elliot Barry, freshman, business major

“Access to Blackboard, Tweets about free stuff, and maybe a Nightlife student calendar.” Mayling Fossi, freshman, undecided

“Email access, because I showed up to class and it was cancelled.” Melanie Gordon, sophomore, biology student

“Actual GPS so that I can see where my classes are.” Amanda Dyal, freshman, pre-Nursing

“I would like to see a Rate my professor app and have a way to interconnect with other students, maybe like a chat room.” Mahdi Sikder, junior, business

“Weather conditions or weather app.” Nikki Heiman, sophomore, communications

“Tournaments – to sign up more easily and be able to see school tournaments.” Amanda Edd, sophomore, communications

Students who have questions or suggestions about FAU apps can email Jason Ball at [email protected].

To learn more about FAU’s web apps, go to  fau.edu/google.
To learn more about FAU’s mobile app, go to fau.edu/mobile.
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