It’s movie time

Jacqueline Skevin

Although opening night is still days away, more than 200 students have RSVP’d to attend the grand opening of Living Room Theaters on the Boca campus on Nov. 19.

Living Room Theaters is an independent theater company that claims to revamp the movie-going experience with a multiplex that boasts “large, comfortable seating, cheap tickets and in-house restaurant service that will completely change the movie-goer’s experience,” according to Living Rooms Theaters CEO Diego Rimoch.

Started by Rimoch in 2006, Living Room Theaters is an independent company favoring classic films and those produced outside the mainstream. Rimoch predicts that the addition of the theater will contribute to campus life enormously and build bridges to the community at large.

“Finally there is a new cultural experience in Boca Raton that not only caters to the couture society, but to all different kinds of people,” said Peter Amirato, president of FAU’s film club.

Anticipated movie titles range from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho to Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzter, a documentary that delves into detailed interviews with the former scandalized politician.

In addition to Psycho, on opening night students also have the opportunity to also see Soul Kitchen, Leaving, Last Train Home, and Only When I Dance.

“The mission of many universities is to prepare students for the outside world by providing them with a well-rounded education, and introducing the love of different disciplines at this stage in their lives,” Rimoch said.

The theater also gives students another reason to both live and work on campus. “We’ve mass-promoted this event, and 70 percent of our club applied for employment and three were hired,” said Amirato, who feels that this theater is a perfect addition to the Innovation Village-style ambiance that FAU hopes to call its own in the next few years.

“We’d love for such a prediction to come true,” said Rimoch. “It would be great to see its success in the future.”

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