Helping Haiti



The earthquake that rocked early 2010 had an overwhelming effect on many FAU students.

Months later, students were still deeply impacted by the tragedy, but members of Konbit Kreyol, a Haitian student organization, got together immediately following the disaster to organize a relief effort for the Haitian people.

According to FAU’s website, more than one out of 100 students is Haitian. In fact, Konbit Kreyol is recognized as the largest student club on campus.

“It’s amazing to me,” said Konbit Kreyol Internal Vice President Mikerlande “Mickey” Erilus in March 2010. “Just sitting here at the [Breezeway drop-off] table having people that never knew about us bringing us clothes and food, it really shows how much people really care about us.”

[Karla Bowsher and Stephanie Colaianni contributed to the reporting in this story.]