FAU Crimes Unveiled

The crimes that happen in FAU dorm rooms vary from the serious, like sexual battery, to the minor noise disturbances, to the petty crimes like beating up a vending machine or waking your neighbors with your stereo . But, the dormitory with the most crime may come as a surprise. (See below for a full list of crimes.)

With 600 beds each, residence halls Indian River Towers, Heritage Park Towers and the freshman-only Glades Park Towers had a nearly equal amount of crime in the past year. The place with the most criminal activitiy, however, was GPT with 74 crimes from June 2007 to June 2008.

Algonquin, which houses 93 students, had the lowest amount of crimes, at only four this past year.

On the other side of campus is the Student Apartments, which houses around 540 students, and ranks right in the middle with 53 reported crimes within the past year.

For students who live on campus, Housing Director Jill Eckardt advises them to attend the Safety Fair on Sept. 4, and to participate in the Housing safety activities during September’s Safety Month.

The place where students are most likely to be a victim of a hit and run, or have property stolen from their cars is, not surprisingly, one of the closest parking lots to GPT – Lot 23.

“Don’t walk alone at night on campus,” says Eckardt. “Call the Night Owls.”

This map plots the locations of crimes in FAU dorm rooms and parking lots on the Boca campus.

Dorm room crimes listed:narcotics paraphernalia, theft of bike, theft from dorm room,possess weapon/firearm on school property, attempted felony murder, alcohol possession by person under 21, disorderly intoxication, cyber stalking, aggravated battery/no weapon,sexual battery, harassing phone calls, prowler/ peeping tom

Tips to stay safe on campus

Tips provided by Jill Eckardt

? Don’t walk alone at night on campus, call Night Owls, FAU’s student service that offers golf cart rides at night. Monday – Thursday 8 p.m. to midnight. (561) 297-NOWL

? Always lock your bedroom and suite doors

? Always carry your OWL Card – you’ll need it to get into your residence hall 24/7 this year

? Use your peephole in your suite door – do you really know who you’re letting into your room or your suitemate’s room?

? Keep a watchful eye on your beverages – especially at that sketchy party – don’t let someone slip something into your drink

? Protect your privacy – be careful who knows your passwords, uses your ATM card, or even your OWL Card

? Be careful what you put on your Facebook or MySpace page – screen name, phone number or address can make it easy for stalkers

? Put your valuables out of sight – use your lockable cabinet to protect your “stuff”