The latest episode of “Hopkins” hit its tragedy peak when a little girl drowns in a pool and survives – but has no brain function. The cameras were there to film the parents as the doctors broke the news that their child wouldn’t be waking up.

The family initially decided to keep the girl alive on life support, even though the doctors warned that she would never recover, saying that they didn’t want to be the ones who “murdered” their child. After the emotional scene was over, words came up at the bottom of the screen explaining that, after a while, the family did decide to remove her from life support, ending her life.

After that, the show hit a stereotypically happy note by filming a birth. One of the medical students was having issues with figuring out which area of specialty she wanted to pursue. But after lending a helping hand during child labor, she finally decides to become an OBGYN – didn’t see that one coming.

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