Ever tried Brazilian cuisine in a bar? You know, inside a snug, russet-colored tavern with rustic décor, a full wine stock and a fat-ass projection screen TV on the center wall? If not, you might consider loosening your belt buckle a notch.

That’s because Churrasco’s (23043 State Road 7, Boca Raton) is offering a hearty Portuguese-style buffet for $4.99 a pound. And we mean “hearty” – it’s likely to give ya a coronary. We recommend slathering gravy over a bed of tender, well-done sliced sirloin and grilled veggies from the buffet table. (Of course, you probably won’t finish this bad boy, so brown-bag it and opt for a Styrofoam carryout container.)

But if weighing your food is a turn-off (or the ultimate sin of dining out in general), saddle into a booth and order directly from the menu: tempt yourself with the bife a cavalo ($9.99), or steak and eggs; Brazil’s traditional dish picanha grelhada ($11.99), or sirloin steak with multiple side dishes; or the frango a milaneza ($9.99) – beer-battered breaded chicken.

A few words of caution, however: don’t drop by if you’re vegetarian, and do ask the English-speaking manager to take your order (unless you enjoy awkward silences and repeating your order five times). Most waitresses predominantly speak Portuguese.

Call (561) 482-1100 Prices: $15 and lower