Too Bizarre Café and Wine Bar is perhaps the understatement of the year when talking about this place. Add a raw sushi bar, pasta place, tapas lounge and your living room, and you might get a better picture.

By far the coolest thing is the décor. Instead of a dining table, they’ve got coffee tables, overstuffed armchairs and couches. So if you have a problem eating your meal like you would at home with friends and family gathered ’round in the living room, you might request a “normal,” albeit boring, table.

But no matter where you sit, there’s always something to look at: almost every art piece and knickknack mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling is for sale. So if you see something that’ll go perfectly next to Grandma’s living room portrait, you’re in luck.

The food ain’t disappointing, either. The baked brie ($16) with raspberry sauce is huge and perfect for sharing. Similarly delicious are the sushi rolls and sashimi, but the special rolls are massive and’ll set you back about $15.

Not a sushi fan? How about duck pizza, curry chicken tulips, or surf and turf? You want it, they got it. Add comfy sink-in couches, awesome food, an incredible wine list and a chilled-out casual atmosphere, and we have a winner.

287 E. Indiantown Road, Jupiter. Call (561) 745-6262