The Dos and Don’ts of New Orleans

Do: Go down Burbon Street. Plenty of bars; plenty of interesting locals; and plenty of weird attractions.

Don’t: Stroll around outside in your boxers – like some of the FAU fans did the morning of the big game.

Do: Go to Café Du Monde for their famous café au lait and the powdered sugar beniges.

Don’t: Let the drunken locals follow you around – the one that followed us ended up being wanted by the cops.

Do: Go to the French Quarter. There is plenty of art displaying New Orleans creativity – whether it is in a gallery or on the street corner.

Don’t: Pet the police horses – they kick. I’d suggest not petting the officers, either.

Do: Spend all night wondering the streets – that’s when all the interesting people come out.

Don’t: Pee on a store’s merchandise – they may kick you out, or so I heard.

Do: Befriend a local. They’ll know all the hotspots.

Don’t: Frequent the free strip clubs – they’re just nasty.

Do: Sleep in your own hotel room. Just because some of the locals sleep in the streets doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t: Bring your football team to New Orleans and challenge FAU – ’cause you’re gonna lose.