Touring With Grandparents Is The “In” Thing To Do

“Penny On The Train Track” Featuring Grandma Bubbie

With his melodic voice and beat up acoustic guitars, Ben Kweller rocked the crowds of South Florida like no other. The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale was packed with fans of the 26-year-old folk-rock musician. His famous grandma ‘Bubbie,’ who was featured in his video “Penny on the train track,” also made a guest appearance at the show, making the night even more memorable.

The show began with the beginning chords of “Walk on Me,” featured on his new album Freak Out, It’s…Ben Kweller ,which he then followed with a sequence of songs from previous albums such as ” In other Words,” “Lizzie,” and finally “Penny on the Train track,” the most expected song of the night. As Ben played the opening notes for the song on his piano, his grandma Bubbie finally came on stage and danced along with Kweller, making the crowd go wild and crazy for the most beloved grannie.

Ben kweller is a pro when it comes to his music, but he is definitely the perfect candy for those who have a sweet tooth for music.