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BOCA RATON, FL (October 19, 2006) – The Senate is elected by students to oversee Student Government’s budget and bylaws. Their mission is to serve as a common voice for the students of Florida Atlantic University to provide a forum for the expression of student views, interests and to ensure that with every decision made the interests of the students remain first and foremost.

Student Government has Senates on four campuses. Each Senate Speaker is the presiding officer and chair of all Campus Student Senate Meetings. Drafting weekly agendas for the Senate meetings, assigning administrative tasks to chairs of the Standing Committees, and forwarding legislation that is approved by the Campus Student Senate are some of the duties of the Senate Speaker.

Each senator at the Boca Raton Campus represents 500 students. Through bills they allocate money to the different branches of SGA agencies, clubs and organizations. One of the most recent bills passed was titled BRSB-06-45. The Bill of the Boca Raton Senate turned the Kaplan Scholarship Program over to the FAU Foundation. They will be responsible for distributing the scholarship to ensure fairness to all students. The Kaplan grants provide students who are in need the ability to receive a preparatory scholarship in order to improve standardized test scores. This will assist FAU students in earning admission into more prestigious schools (i.e., law, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, etc).

The Senates are devoted to serving students and representing them in an efficient and professional matter.

Currently there are vacancies in the Boca Raton Senate.

Anyone that is interested should contact Rakibur Joarder, the Senate Speaker, at 561-297-6185 or [email protected] or at the UC, Suite 215G. There is information about the Legislative branch of SGA online, including all the previous agendas and minutes.

SGA welcomes any comments, concerns, moans, groans and complaints. Please email us at

For more information about SGA, contact Maria Abad, Director of Community Relations, at 561-297-2826 or [email protected] edu.

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