Hearts’ Beats

For us mere humans, music is the sensual liberty that befriends us. Music beats are oxygen and our hearts are casinos. For adults and students alike, the music venture changes us.

Patrick Rolla is a unique cat. He is a student, a sophomore at F.A.U. He attends classes regularly as he ambles with rights and lefts, carrying his lively books in his book bag…ok. So what the heck about Mr. Rolla is so unique? Oh, and he lives on campus as well. And?!

See when Patrick Rolla decides to relax and lay down on the ‘ole bed in his dorm room, while his fellow classmates are engaging in the usual rounds today’s pop music, he likes Bocelli, as in Andrea Bocelli, the singer. He “digs it,” he tells me.

“Yeah everyone, it seems, is listening to all sorts of music. Rap and stuff. I like Bocelli,” says Rolla, a regular coffee drinker. Rolla also likes Rage Against the Machine. Go figure.

“When I’m angry or depressed I’m more apt to listen to Rage.”

Ok. So smoothness with the Bocelli, and rudeness with the Rage. That’ll work. He has his own unique system of emotional response via musical stimuli, his own reason of hearing and living simultaneously. Beautiful indeed.

It is interesting how the many feelings that we carry may be consoled my music.

“I like all kinds of music.” says Rolla. And music likes him.

Who are your favorite musicians? How do you feel when you listen to them? Are you content? Are you resentful? Do you have the same perception of the same song when you feel in different spirits?

But Halt! What about when you’re in love? Oh, that’s a different set of tires, folks. That’s a new ballgame right there. When you are in love, the change in perception of the human soul goes far beyond mere musical apprehension. It involves a direct change in scenery.

Everything changes.

It is like a huge, huge cotton ball in its prime. Ever expanding. Ever modifying itself. A huge change (yes I know that I used the word huge many times in this paragraph. That’s ok. I’m talking about love here, ok? Go make a sandwich).

When you are in love you purposely look for love songs on the radio, right? You know you do. There’s no sense in denying it. When you are all of a sudden Cupid’s cousin, you listen to artists like Tom (‘Tommy’) Jones and Frank (‘Frankie’) Sinatra. You listen to Elton John and Dolly Parton. You like Porter Wagoner and Elvis Presley songs. When you are in full throttle, so to speak, you may find it impossible to eat, but you sure can listen to some music. It is a wonderful twist in the human element. A wonderful twist.

And then the same rules may apply for the broken hearted. They are the ones who walk rather slowly on campus with their headphones on. Probably not Rage Against the Machine. Or maybe so, who knows? Maybe they are listening to Usher or Ray Charles or Staind, as their stomachs growl. Now the large mass of cotton appears to be in the rainy season. Now the heart’s beat is a bit more stagnant.

What I ask is what music do we listen to when he have different vibes? It seems that music plays an enormous part in an individual’s life. Music tends to change the world, as the world also changes us (like sand in the hour-glass, yeah I know). But seriously, from Beethoven to The Beatles, from Joplin to Joplin (Scott to Janis), music is what we turn to on a daily basis to supplement our feelings.

There are easily thousands and thousands of pieces of harmony that one may encounter and listen to and learn from. It all depends on the melody, or malady that they are experiencing at that exact moment.