Advertising can be useful and full of opportunities

I believe that advertising affects college students immensely. A student cannot help but stop and look at the various ads posted on each wall and pole throughout the university. Since college students are a huge percentage of the most “persuasive people” out there, advertising at a college is one of the best strategies that a business or individual can make.

I believe that there are so many opportunities in the world and one way of learning about them is through advertisements. One advertisement I saw was about studying abroad (a very good opportunity to take advantage of), while another was about joining a religious group, and lastly one advertisement was about a new club that had recently opened. Whether I realize it or not, these advertisements stay with me over time, so that even though I may not go to that new club that night, I will remember that it exists, and possibly visit it in the future.

Advertising can change the way a person feels or acts and put new ideas into their heads.

Bringing back the nightclub example, I may have decided to go to a different club until I saw that the new club was offering better promotions, and thus I decided to go there. I not only may have decided to go there, but I also decided to bring others with me, which exemplifies the power of advertising.

On the other hand, I may be the type of student who does not go out at all, but after looking at the nightclub advertisement, I may now contemplate on the idea of going.

Most advertisements portray smiling people who are full of life and excitement. When a college student sees this, how can they resist not doing what the advertisement asks of them? You will never see an advertisement around FAU with pictures of old, ugly people, but rather you will see beautiful, young people. In order to be like them or one of them, we must do what they are doing.

Advertising has a strong affect on many college students. It can show students other options and perspectives and can also transform a person’s whole mentality.