technology: making individual skills and talents obsolete

Technology is strength, power, and even a crutch for most of the humans on this planet. With every passing day our communication abilities increase, and our scientific discoveries are feeding the media with hopes that one day using special techniques we can eventually cure cancer or even AIDS. Our computers are getting smaller and more powerful, but has anyone sat back and wondered how some of this technology has become detrimental to society?

AT&T customers remember when their service provider started reading AT&T/Cingular. Over the years mergers such as AT&T/Cingular, Compaq and Hewlett Packard, and now MCI and Verizon are monopolizing technology not only to better the world, but themselves. Sure, with every merger better technology is put out, but jobs are lost. Money is spent, leaving companies at a loss for a few years, so that in the long run the companies will profit more.

Apple, a big computer company has been making Macintosh computers for at least two decades now. Apple computers have been the secret of graphic design for years, but they still remain overshadowed by Microsoft. Apple has been building computers their way for years, but only recently have they begun to follow the trend to making computers appealing and costly for their customers. With Mini Macs, iBooks, Powerbooks, iShuffle’s, iLife, and the classic iPod, how could one ever go wrong?

What I’ve come to notice is, that if you want a computer with all the new technology that is thrown into the market every six months, you need to buy a new computer once a year, upgrading it every three months.

Macs, which are costly, are also more difficult to upgrade, but only because of the lack of stores, unless the owner can do it their self. It just becomes a question of when will computers be available for common households that do everything for us?

As it is, most people don’t need to cook anymore, let alone leave their house to get food. You can record hour’s worth of television without leaving your couch, and you can now buy anything from the Internet. We are relying on technology so much now that less individual talents are needed to be sufficient for everyday life. If computers are replacing people, then every year more people will lose jobs.

With big companies rising to the top, combining with smaller companies, and technology making anything possible, will individual skills and talents even matter in the end? I for one think technology is beginning to get out of hand, but only the future can tell us whether or not, if we as a society are heading the wrong direction.

People will always lose jobs, but that’s capitalism. But, to lose a job to a computer, that’s just showing that individual talents and skills are becoming obsolete.